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Company Overview: iWay Software, an Information Builders company and the world's leading adapter vendor, accelerates business integration by providing tools that make service-oriented architectures easy to implement. Clients achieve short-term ROI by using iWay tools to reduce custom programming and solve problems quickly, while incrementally creating an architecture that supports long-term projects. The biggest names in software, including BEA, Microsoft, and SAP, use iWay adapters to simplify access to ERP and CRM systems, messaging, legacy systems, e-business protocols like AS2 and ebXML, and more. Additional message transformation and data integration make iWay a natural integration choice – standalone or with other middleware.
Product/Service Description: When the iWay Intelligent Adapter for CORBA receives a request for a service, the adapter converts the XML request document to a Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII) call and sends it to the CORBA server using the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP). The response of the CORBA server is returned over IIOP. The adapter then formats the response as an XML response document for further processing.
Sales Contact: Jake Freivald
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Sales Contact Phone: 917-339-5263
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