Data Residency Working Group



Data Residency Working Group

Overview of Data Residency

As all kinds of business, mobile, and SaaS applications need to support a growing user base around the globe, applications themselves and their data become more distributed than ever. As a consequence, different countries, especially in the European Union, have adopted stringent data protection and privacy laws and regulations regarding how data about their citizens can be collected, stored, shared, and moved around. This has legal implications for cloud service users and providers which must comply with different regulations depending upon exactly where personal data originated and is stored. In addition to regulatory compliance, the “where’s my data” challenge immediately brings to the forefront other issues such as security, privacy, governance, and management.

Collectively these issues require a conceptual framework – a Data Residency taxonomy – upon which enterprises and application vendors alike can develop solutions that withstand new and evolving laws, regulations, and user demands.

Data Residency Working Group

The OMG® Data Residency Working Group was established in 2015 to explore issues and practices related to the impact of laws and regulations on data location and migration. The goal of the Working Group is to create and execute a roadmap for the elaboration of specifications to model, monitor and manage data residency. The group will also develop various documents (taxonomy, discussion paper and lists of standards and regulations) to support this effort.

Get Involved

You do not have to be a member of the Object Management Group® (OMG®) to participate in the Working Group. If you would like to join, receive more information, or attend an upcoming meeting, please contact us. To subscribe to the mailing list, please email with a request to join the data residency mailing list.

Data Residency Resources

  • Data Residency Maturity Model
    Contact: Mr. Claude Baudoin
    The OMG Data Residency Working Group decided in June 2017 to develop a Data Residency Maturity Model. It was approved for publication at the December 2017 OMG Technical Meeting in Burlingame, CA, USA.
    Formats: PDF
    (This document is available to the public.)
  • Data Residency Discussion Paper
    Contact: Mr. Claude Baudoin
    This discussion paper published in March 2017 was created jointly by the OMG Data Residency Working Group and members of the Security Working Group of the Cloud Standards Customer Council. It presents the risks and issues created by the transport and storage of data across countries and jurisdictions, the complex web of laws and regulations about this issue, and potential OMG initiatives to help organizations address it.
    Formats: Word, PDF
    (This document is available to the public.)
  • Data Residency: Status, Challenges and Standards Tutorial & Roundtable Discussion
    Mr. Claude Baudoin
    Tutorial presented during the Data Residency WG meeting, 5th December 2017, Burlingame, California, USA
    Formats: PDF, Powerpoint 
  • Notes from OMG Data Residency Working Group meeting
    Contact: Mr. Claude Baudoin
    Notes taken during the very first Data Residency WG meeting, 16th June 2015, Berlin, Germany
    Formats: OpenDocument_Text, PDF
  • Data Residency: Motivations and Challenges
    Contact: Mr. Claude Baudoin
    Berlin presentation slides
    Formats: PDF
  • Data Residency Challenges in the Oil & Gas Industry
    Contact: Mr. Claude Baudoin
    Data Residency WG presentation slides
    Formats: PowerPoint, PDF (This document is available to the general public).


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