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Accessible Engineering Innovation Corporation Pvt Ltd

Company URL: www.aeicor.com
Main Product URL: https://www.aeicor.com/global/technology/industrial-iot
Company Overview: We are a global engineering solutions provider specialized in the areas of Industrial automation, Industrial IoT and Embedded systems. Working on cutting edge technology in the domains of automation, IIoT and embedded systems, AEI corp always aims to provide efficient and effective solutions that is accessible for all stakeholders. Some of the technology domains we work include Industrial IoT, Real-time Ethernet, Obsolescence management, Embedded systems; in industries covering Manufacturing, Textiles, Food processing, Healthcare, Agriculture.
Product Category :
Product/Service Description: As part of our Industrial IoT solutions and services, we offer DDS based vertical brown-field/green-field stack integration services for ERP/MES providers, Silicon vendors, OEMs; in the areas of factory automation, smart-city, agriculture, smart-grid management; along with complete product design/development and life-cycle management.
Sales Contact: Ponsekar Rajendran
Sales Contact Email: sales@aeicor.com
Sales Contact Phone: +91-900-399-9063
OMG Member: No
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