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Company URL: https://iot.eclipse.org/adopters/
Main Product URL: https://twitter.com/EclipseCyclone
Company Overview: Eclipse Foundation provides individuals and organizations with a business-friendly environment for open source software collaboration and innovation. Eclipse IoT is 47 projects, 8.2M lines of code, 170 committers. OpenADx is Eclipse working group and testbed for autonomous driving applications of Eclipse Foundation projects.
Product Category : Distributed-Data
Product/Service Description: Eclipse Cyclone DDS is a performant open source DDS implementation and tier-1 ROS middleware. Eclipse Cyclone DDS is for robotics, education, autonomous things and is widely adopted https://iot.eclipse.org/adopters/ Eclipse Cyclone DDS is a project of Eclipse IoT and OpenADx (autonomous driving) working group and testbed.
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OMG Member: Yes
OMG Membership Level: Contributing