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GurumNetworks, Inc.

Company URL: https://www.gurum.cc/index_eng
Main Product URL: https://www.gurum.cc/gurumdds_eng
Company Overview: GurumNetworks, Inc. is a South Korea-based company specialized in the provision of network system software platform such as network operating system, network middleware and network gateway. In addition, GurumNetworks offers expertise in network platform business and a wide variety of software network components.
Product Category : Distributed-Data
Product/Service Description: GurumDDS is a DDS middleware which complies with DDS standard of OMG. GurumDDS is characterized by greater performance especially in section where network communication is unstable compared to products from other vendors.
Sales Contact: Sungil Cho
Sales Contact Email: contact@gurum.cc
Sales Contact Phone: +82-10-23793519
OMG Member: Yes
OMG Membership Level: Platform