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Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS

Company URL: www.kongsberg.com/kda
Main Product URL: https://www.kongsberg.com/kda/products/defence-and-security/c4isr/intercom-dds/
Company Overview: Two centuries of innovation, transformation and delivering results has made Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) a recognised global technology leader and a leading supplier within defence, surveillance, space, aerostructures and MRO. We take pride in developing advanced solutions and products of strategic importance, for markets around the world.
Product Category : Distributed-Data
Product/Service Description: InterCOM DDS is a middleware application designed to facilitate efficient and secure communication between multiple, disparate systems and sensors, using the open standard Data Distribution Service (DDS) protocol. InterCOM DDS provides high performance, distributed data messaging services for applications and hardware requiring a real-time open architecture or service-oriented architecture. InterCOM DDS is an open standard middleware solution for high-performance data distribution. It allows developers to quickly define and share real time data across systems, networks, platforms and processors, significantly reducing the effort to integrate real time distributed systems. It addresses all data distribution require¬ments, from command sequences to data checkpoints and reconstitution. Due to its proven interoperability, InterCOM DDS is ideal for heterogeneous systems with numerous networks and OS platforms.
Sales Contact: Ann Kristin Amo Nesbakk
Sales Contact Email: ann.kristin.amo.nesbakk@kongsberg.com
Sales Contact Phone: +47 984 28 341
OMG Member: Yes
OMG Membership Level: Government