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Nanjing Panyou Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Company URL: http://www.platforu.com/
Main Product URL: http://www.platforu.com/detail.html#jicheng
Company Overview: Nanjing Panyou Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in embedded graphics and image solutions, system middleware platforms and system information integration solutions. The company has a group of professionals who have been engaged in software development and software customization in related fields for a long time, and has strong technical development strength to meet the informationization needs of the government and enterprises in an all-round way. The company's business covers embedded graphics and image solutions, system communication middleware design, enterprise-level OA system design, etc.
Product Category : Distributed-Data
Product/Service Description: ULinX data connection solution is a new generation of high-performance data interaction solution developed by Nanjing Panyou Information Technology Co., Ltd. to meet the needs of future computer network application system. This product takes the functions of subject creation, data publishing/subscribing, QoS policy configuration as its core, and provides tool Suites such as system status monitoring, data recording, assistant development and component detection synchronously. It provides real-time, efficient and flexible means of data interaction for the system, and provides complete support in every link of application system design, development, debugging and operation. Service.
Sales Contact: Yang Meng
Sales Contact Email: yangmeng@platforu.com
Sales Contact Phone: +86 18911990524
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