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Company Overview: RTI provides the real-time communications platform for the Internet of Things, offering solutions for medical, energy, mining, air and ground traffic control, trading, automotive, industrial SCADA and defense systems. RTI Connext® DDS allows distributed applications and devices to intelligently share information and work together as one integrated system.
Product Category : Data Distribution Service (DDS) Middleware, DDS-Related Tools and Services
Product/Service Description: Connext DDS Professional, the world's leading implementation of DDS, fulfills the demanding performance, reliability and security requirements of critical infrastructure—including support for deployment in distrributed and dynamic environments at the network edge and for Industrial IoT applications. RTI also offers Connext DDS Cert, the world's first certifiable DDS implementation; Connext DDS Secure, the world's first DDS implementation compliant with the new DDS Security specification; the DDS Toolkit for Labview; and a small-footprint DDS implementation. The RTI Professional Services team helps customers meet the challenges of developing complex networked applications, mitigate project risk, increase productivity and deliver quality, often on a shortened schedule.
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