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China Shipbuilding IT Corporation Limited

Company URL: http://www.csit.net.cn
Main Product URL: http://www.csit.net.cn/index.php/Products/productsList?pid=27&tid=34
Company Overview: China Shipbuilding IT Corporation Limited(CSIT). was established in December 2000 and was jointly funded by 16 well-known enterprises under China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited(CSSC) with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing. As the information technology center of CSSC, CSIT is positioned as the overall technical responsibility company and overall construction (integration) company of CSSC's information construction, and CSSC's computer network security management technical support company and construction company. The Internet of Things industry technology of CSSC relies on CSIT. And CSIT is the construction and operation company of the "China Shipbuilding Network", which is the authoritative e-commerce platform of the shipbuilding industry.
Product Category : Distributed-Data
Product/Service Description: Blue DCS (Blue Data Connect Service) is a data interaction solution consisting of a set of logically and functionally interrelated tools and middleware(Blue DDS). It is designed for distributed system application. Providing an efficient and reliable means of developing/deploying/integrating large-scale distributed real-time systems. Blue DDS complies with OMG RTPS specifications. As a mature high-performance data interactive communication middleware, Blue DDS middleware is a product that has been verified by practical applications and has been applied to multi-type equipment in the ship field. Blue DDS provides applications with theme creation, data publishing/subscription, QoS policy configuration and other interfaces to provide real-time, efficient and flexible data interaction for the system. Blue DDS allows applications to exchange information across operating systems, languages and processor architectures, and supports Comprehensive integration of heterogeneous systems. Blue DDS simplifies the development of distributed systems by allowing software developers to focus on the specific purpose of the application rather than passing information between the application and the system.
Sales Contact: Meng Yang
Sales Contact Email: 635584332@qq.com
Sales Contact Phone: +86-18911990524
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