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Company Overview: eProsima is a company focused on high performance middleware. eProsima helps customers to design their distributed systems covering all the areas impacting communications: The middleware technology to choose, the data model, the Quality of Service for the different data flows, the data links, system tests, etc. eProsima develops open source products and tools based on DDS, such as eProsima Fast DDS, Fast DDS Monitor, Micro XRCE-DDS or Integration Service, among others.
Product Category : Data Distribution Service (DDS) Middleware, DDS-Related Tools and Services
Product/Service Description: eProsima Fast DDS is the most complete open source (Apache 2.0) implementation of the DDS protocol. It is a high performance communicating middleware that provides the DDS 1.4 and the RTPS 2.2 interoperable wire-protocol standards. Compliant with DDS Security and offering features such as Zero Copy, Discovery Server, real-time behaviour, and many more, Fast DDS is not only secure but also performance-optimized to fulfill client's needs and expectations in robotics, IoT and critical systems.
Sales Contact: Jaime Martin Losa
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Sales Contact Phone: +34607913745
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