January 2018

Announcing the Embedded Extensions Project

CISQ is launching a working group to produce specifications for extending the CISQ Quality Characteristic Measures into embedded software. Depending on the extensiveness of the embedded additions, these specifications will be submitted to OMG® either as revisions to the four existing standards through a Revision Task Force (RTF) or new specifications through Requests for Comment (RFCs). 

The project team consists of delegates with expertise in embedded software from each participating sponsor, in addition to experts from the Software Engineering Institute and the Common Weakness Enumeration project at MITRE Corp. The first meeting is February 13-14 at MITRE in McLean, VA. Our plan is to submit specifications in Q3/Q4 this year.

Please join me in welcoming Northrop Grumman and Tech Mahindra as new CISQ sponsors. CISQ will benefit greatly from their expertise and contribution to the program. 

We are excited to announce our next Cyber Resilience Summit will be held on March 20th at the OMG Technical Meeting in Reston, Virginia. CISQ will also deliver presentations at OMG special events, the March 19 Cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) and March 21 Modernization Summit

I look forward to seeing you there. 

Dr. Bill Curtis
Executive Director

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New Automated Technical Debt Standard
presented live January 16, 2018 

For the first time, Technical Debt measurement becomes common currency for developers and tech managers!

The CISQ measure of Technical Debt is a new OMG® standard for measuring the future cost of defects remaining in system source code at release. The cost to fix structural quality problems constitutes the principal of the debt, while the inefficiencies they cause until fixed, such as greater maintenance effort or excessive computing resources, represent compounding interest on the debt.                              

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Cyber Resilience Summit, March 20, Reston, VA 


The Cyber Resilience Summit will discuss standards and best practices for risk-managed digital transformation and the practical application of systems engineering to support agile acquisition, cloud readiness, big data, technical debt control, and cyber risk management of complex mission, C2, weapon and citizen-facing systems.

Confirmed to speak are National Cybersecurity Leaders from the White House to discuss government IT policy. 

Preventing the next Equifax...
All CVEs have Root Causes in CWEs

A couple of key takeaways from the breach –

  1. Developers commonly use third-party components, both open source and commercial-off-the-shelf, in their code and products. It is critical for the development team to maintain an inventory of its third party components to manage the component’s source, versions, and patches. SAFECode has published an excellent guide on the subject. Read: Managing Security Risks Inherent in the Use of Third-party Components. In the case of Equifax, action came too late. 
  2. Basic security prevention can help to protect against CVEs and future zero-day vulnerabilities. A subset of CVEs are issued with a mapping to relevant CWEs. The CWEs represent the vulnerability’s root causes and source vectors for exploitation. The Equifax CVE, for example, was mapped to CWE-20 (improper input validation) and OWASP A4 (broken access control) in the OWASP Top 10 2017.

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Upcoming Events 

Outsourcing World Summit (OWS) 18, February 18-21, Orlando, FL hosted by IAOP. Save $300 with the code OWS18CISQ! Anyone who uses this code is eligible for a free room night (two night minimum) for a stay at the host hotel during the dates of the event. 

AFCEA DC Cybersecurity Technology Summit, February 27, Arlington, VA.

OMG® Technical Meeting, March 19-23, Reston, VA. Don't miss the Cyber Resilience Summit, Cybersecurity & IoT, and Modernization Summit

SEI Software and Cyber Solutions Symposium 2018: Agile and DevOps, March 26-28, Arlington, VA.

NASCIO Midyear Conference, April 22-24, Baltimore, MD. 

STAREAST, April 29-May 4, Orlando, FL. 
CISQ members save $200 off the registration fee with the code SECM

HACKNYC, May 8-10, New York, NY.
CISQ presents "Putting an End to Technical Debt."

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