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March 2016

 Highlights from March 15 Cyber Resilience Summit
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Last week CISQ hosted the Cyber Resilience Summit, our 4th annual event in Washington, D.C., bringing together nearly 200 IT innovators, standards experts, U.S. Federal Government leaders, and attendees from private industry. The CISQ quality measures became official standards last fall, so this was our largest outreach event to date. The Summit covered topics from the layered cybersecurity defense approach taken by the NSA, to the impact of acquisition policy on the reliability and security of Federal software-intensive systems. 

As Dr. Phyllis Schneck (Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications for the National Protection and Programs Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security) explained on the "Titans of Cyber" panel pictured below, the safest position is to assume your systems have already been penetrated and you must decide how to defend against the intruder.

Titans of Cyber: Dr. J. Michael Gilmore, DoD OT&E; Dr. Phyllis Schneck, DHS NPPD; John Weiler, IT-AAC; Lucia Savage, ONC HHS; Dr. Paul Nielsen, SEI, Carnegie Mellon University  L-R: Tom Hurt, DoD; Dr. Paul Nielsen, SEI, Carnegie Mellon University; Dr. Bill Curtis, CISQ; Don Davidson, DoD

Key themes coming out of the event:

  • Software must move from a "craft" to an engineering discipline
  • The current level of risk in Federal IT is unacceptable and processes must change
  • Poor quality software is inherently less secure and resilient software
  • You can’t secure software with risky architecture – both vulnerabilities must be addressed together

For their time and insights, I thank the Summit presenters: Curtis Dukes (NSA), Dr. Phyllis Schneck (DHS), Dr. J. Michael Gilmore (DoD OT&E), Lucia Savage (HHS), Dr. Paul Nielsen (SEI, Carnegie Mellon U.), Dr. David Zubrow (SEI, Carnegie Mellon U.), Dr. Vadim Okun (NIST), Kris Britton (NSA), Dr. Robert Childs (AFCEA), John Weiler (IT-AAC), Emile Monette (GSA), Lev Lesokhin (CAST), Richard Spires (Learning Tree), Joe Jarzombek (Synopsys), Don Davidson (DoD), and Jon Boyens (NIST). 

The presentations have been posted to the CISQ website here

Dr. Bill Curtis
Executive Director

Standards Update

Automated Enhancement Points: CISQ submitted a proposed specification for Automated Enhancement Points to the Object Management Group® (OMG®). Automated Enhancement Points is a measure of software size to be used in productivity analysis and sizing of software maintenance activities.The spec is being voted on by OMG members. We anticipate the spec will become a standard in 2016.

Technical Debt: CISQ is currently working on a specification for structural quality Technical Debt. Technical Debt is a measure of software cost due to defects remaining in code at release. Technical Debt is a primary component of the cost of ownership of an application. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University has been a leader in developing a framework for Technical Debt and is engaged in the project. In addition to an automated measure, the team will provide a general framework for describing and analyzing Technical Debt. CISQ will be participating in the Dagstuhl Seminar,"Managing Technical Debt in Software Engineering," in April to be held at Schloss Dagstuhl in Germany to build consensus on the Technical Debt framework and how it should be measured.

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