Your Invitation to Beta Test OMG's New OCUP 2 Foundation Exam and Get UML

OCUP 2 Intermediate Beta Exam Coming Soon -
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As you know because you took the OCUP 2 Foundation beta examination, OMG is currently updating the OMG-Certified UML Professional (OCUP) Certification Program. The new program, named OCUP 2, is based on UML 2.5 and emphasizes modeling knowledge and skills in place of the language details tested by the original OCUP exams. As we promised, you are invited to beta test the OCUP 2 Intermediate examination for free. If you pass and if you passed the OCUP 2 Foundation exam, you will receive OCUP 2 Intermediate Certification. (If you are one of those who took the Foundation beta and did not pass, and haven't since passed that first level, and you take the Intermediate beta using the voucher we'll send you soon, we'll send you a voucher for a 20% discount on the Foundation exam.)

It's been a while since the Foundation beta test so you may want to review two aspects of our program: First, about the all-new OCUP 2 Certification Program itself, and Second, about Beta Testing of OMG exams. To review about the OCUP 2 Certification Program, start reading at Introduction page, move on to Exam Information and, for a description of the new Intermediate examination (and what you'll have to study!), to OCUP 2 Intermediate Level Coverage Map and References.

As part of our program development process, the OMG conducts a Beta Test of each of our new examinations - that is, we administer them to a representative group of candidates - to collect statistical data that we use to validate the questions and set cutoff scores. For full information about OMG's exam beta testing programs in general, and this one in particular, go to Beta Program Information. You don't need to apply for your voucher for the intermediate exam - You are already part of this beta program. We'll send your voucher for the Intermediate beta in a few weeks.

If you take the OCUP 2 Intermediate Beta exam, regardless of whether or not you pass, we'll send you a voucher to take the OCUP 2 Advanced Beta exam and we hope you take that one as well, and complete your set. You'll receive certificates, suitable for framing, for all of the levels that you qualify for by passing their exam and the prerequisite ones below it, and may opt in to be listed in OMG's on-line Certified Professionals directory. Because the standard price to take each of these exams is US$200 or US$210 (depending on your country's language), you can save over US$600 if you take all three and, if you pass them all, end up with the Advanced level OCUP 2 certification!

We'll announce the start date of the exam as it approaches, but you'll be better prepared if you start studying soon. (We're projecting availability in late summer.) The Intermediate beta exam will be available for only four weeks and you *must* take it during that time; it will not be available after the announced cutoff date. The Coverage Map (CM) web page for the OCUP 2 Intermediate level is here.

The Intermediate exam assumes that you know (and remember!) the material covered at Foundation level. To support this dependency, we had to construct a supplementary coverage map for Foundation in the same format as Intermediate. (A main difference is that, since the Intermediate and future Advanced CMs are not organized by diagram type, the supplementary Foundation CM is not either.) The supplementary OCUP 2 Foundation CM is here.

OMG hopes you'll decide to take advantage of this opportunity, and we wish you the best on your exams!

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