Artificial Intelligence PTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting

2020-09-13 to 2020-09-18
Timezone: UTC-04

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Thu 2020-09-17
11:00-15:30 Artificial Intelligence PTF Meeting
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All times in US Eastern time zone (GMT-4).
11:00-11:15 Welcome and introductions. Verify quorum (7).

11:15-11:45 Recap of June, July and August meetings
11:45-12:30  "prostep ivip and AI Marketplace" (Rachel Bauer, prostep ivip)

12:30-13:00  Break

13:00-13:45  "FirePoint Innovations – U.S. Army AI/ML Qualification Research" (Paul Jonas, Technical Director, FirePoint)

13:45-14:15  Updates from all participants who have progress or news to share

14:15-14:30  "AI: Statistical vs Semantic Approaches" (Mike Bennett, IOTA Foundation)

14:30-15:00  Key initiatives review
  • AI ontology
  • RFI on business case for AI standards
  • Review of NIST AI RFI from 2019
15:00-15:30  Wrap-up and next steps
  • Rapprochement/coordination with Ontology PSIG
  • Choose day of Q4 meeting (week of Dec. 7-11)
  • Decide on interim progress reviews in Oct.-Nov.
  • Any new potential speakers to invite?
  • Talk by Jim Rhyne on need for common business objects knowledge representation (see note below)

Note from Jim Rhyne on Sep. 14 (emphasis added):

"The discussion in the BMI today pertaining to SCE and SDMNreminds me of the challenges facing submitters who want to create domain specificspecifications but have to include specifications for domains of generalinterest (e.g. organization, knowledge, behavior, things). The KnowledgeRepresentation (KR) branch of AI has long sought representations for thesegeneral interest domains and quite a few have been published as scholarlyworks. As work on the BACM metamodel progressed, I have tried to keep therelevant KR work from AI in mind, as a hedge against omitting somethingimportant or just modeling something incorrectly.

I think this same procedure could be applied tothe BPM+ specifications, but would require the stipulation of a set ofresources from AI, logic and philosophy that could be used to guide OMGsubmitters facing this issue. I wonder if the (already overburdened?) AI PTF orthe Ontology PSIG would be interested in addressing this need."

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