Government Information Sharing & Services DTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting

2020-09-13 to 2020-09-18
Timezone: UTC-04

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Mon 2020-09-14
13:00-17:00 Statistics PSIG
Tue 2020-09-15
08:30-09:00 Kick-off Govt DTF
The third quarter OMG TC meeting will be held virtually
09:00-09:30 Statistics WG Summary
09:30-10:15 Central Bank Digital Currency WG - Government DTF
Introduction to new Central Bank Digital Currency WG ("CBDC WG") and proposed charter.

Discussion to be led by Nick Stavros and Lars Toomre.
10:15-11:15 Concepts and Terms : Vocabulary Community of Interest WG
11:30-13:00 Understanding Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs


Knowledge graphs and ontologies have proven to be powerful tools to manage and gain insight from enterprise data and big data in many different sectors of industry. They are often used in semantic search, automated fraud detection, intelligent chatbots, advanced drug discovery, dynamic risk analysis, content-based recommendation engines and knowledge management systems.

For several decades OMG has been the leader in creating standards for ontologies, like APIs for Knowledge Platforms (AP4KP), MOF to RDF Structural Mapping in Support of Linked Open Data (MOF2RDF), Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM), Distributed Ontology, Model and Specification Language (DOL), FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology), FIGI (Financial Instrument Global Identifier ), SBRM (Standard Business Report Model), IEF (Information Exchange Framework), and ontologies for the retail industry and the robotics industry.

Join OMG ontologists and guests for a series of short presentations on the potential for knowledge graphs and ontologies to change how organizations view data and make decisions for their business.

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13:45-14:30 Discussion about VCoI and Govt DTF Taxonomy
14:30-15:15 MIT CDOIQ Symposium Report
15:30-16:15 Voting Innovation WG Presentation
16:15-17:00 Government Blockchain Association
17:00-17:30 Wrap up - Govt DTF

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