Finance DTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Reston, VA

2023-03-19 to 2023-03-25
Timezone: EDT (UTC-0400)

Up to date agenda can be found at:

Tue 2023-03-21 (Meeting in GovDTF venue and dial-in)
10:15-10:30Introduction and Joint Agenda Review
Meeting set-up and introductions
Review joint GovDTF and FDTF Agenda
Meeting in room hosted by: GovDTF
10:30-10:40FDTF Co-chairs Election
Election of co-chairs for Finance DTF
Review of Finance DTF charter and potential name change to Financial Sector DTF
Adjourn at 10:40 until re-joining the GovDTF joint session at 11am.
Meeting in room hosted by: GovDTF
11:00-11:30GovDTF and FSDTF Collaboration
Meeting in room hosted by: GovDTF
11:30-12:00ESG Reporting
Meeting in room hosted by: GovDTF
Wed 2023-03-22
Callin Info: Callin access through will be available to registered attendees during the event.
10:15-10:30FIBO Status Updates
  • FIBO status: coverage / completeness, backlog 
  • OMG ontology standards: LCC, OMG Commons, ontology standards
  • FIBO Relation to other OMG ontology standards; re-factoring status
  • Plans for FIBO update

Invited to join: GovDTF
10:30-10:40Introduction and agenda review
Introduction and set-up
Invited to join: GovDTF
10:45-11:30FIBO Process Enhancement

  • Current process and supporting infrastructure (at EDM Council)
  • OMG Commons - scope, principles and status
  • Transition of existing FIBO content to OMG Commons
  • Continuous FIBO revision (to reflect migration to Commons)
  • Resources (especially people and sponsor orgs) required including subject matter expertise
  • OMG Process requirements - what is the process for stuff that remains in FIBO
    • Specification requirements (e.g., tabular reports; diagrams)
    • Current OMG process requirements (FTF/RTF ballots, change management etc.)
  • Process requirements (e.g., for written spec requirements)
  • Next steps

Invited to join: GovDTF
11:25-12:00FDTA and RegTech
  • Introduction to the US Financial Data Transparency Act (FDTA)
  • Implications for standards setters
    • Role of a Voluntary Consensus Standards Body (VCSB) in the regulations
    • Kinds of Standards
      • Reporting - e.g. XBRL, SBRM
      • Semantics  - e.g. FIBO
      • Data and data models - e.g. ACTUS, ISO 20022
      • Identifiers - e.g. FIGI
      • Messaging - FIX, FpML etc.
  • Plan of Action for OMG FSDTF

Presented by: David Blaszkowsky

Invited to join: GovDTF
13:30-13:45FIGI Update
Invited to join: GovDTF
13:45-14:00SBRM Update
Update on SBRM proposed submissions status and outcomes form Wednesday's BMI meeting. The BM&I; group is invited to participate
Invited to join: BMIDTF
14:00-15:00ESG and CBDC
Open discussion
Invited to join: GovDTF

General notes:
On Tuesday we meet jointly wth the Government Domain Task Force and are hosted by them - please use their Dial-in facility. 

On Wednesday we meet as the Finance DTF - on the following link (available once registered):

Callin Info: Callin access through will be available to registered attendees during the event.

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