AB Process Subcommittee Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Orlando, FL

2023-06-18 to 2023-06-23
Timezone: EDT (UTC-0400)

Up to date agenda can be found at: https://omg.org/events/2023Q2/agendas/ABPSCCalendar.html

Wed 2023-06-21
15:00-16:00 ABPSC
Callin Info:  Callin access through myomg.webex.com will be available to registered attendees during the event.

0. Quorum check (3)

1. Approval of 2023Q1 Minutes (abpsc/23-03-01)

2. Status of standing agenda items (previous meeting)

  • Pre-RFP Checklist
  • Discussion on formalizing process around GitHub fork/branch and pull request versus the xTF balloting process.
  • Treatments of source code tools for our specifications (MarkDown, GitHub etc.) status

3. Status of items we did not get to in March

  • Ancillary models / business continuity requirement for submissions:
  • Should an OMG spec have a BNF that is parseable by a common tool like YACC? Have not reached consensus on that.
  • JSON in addition to XMI? (from SMSC)

4. Jira Items Review Status

  • Outcomes and status from monthly ABSC meeting(s).
  • Triage:
    • Broader discussions requirements
    • High priority items
    • Blocker(s)

5. GitHub and MarkDown usage / textual origination and change management

6. User Group formal process proposals

  • And disposition of Non-member accessible WGs / email lists (ABPSC/52)

7. Metadata management and requirements

8. AB Review deadlines - discussion / potential improvements


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