Middleware and Related Services PTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Orlando, FL

2023-06-18 to 2023-06-23
Timezone: EDT (UTC-0400)

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Mon 2023-06-19 (MARS Plenary AM)
Callin Info: Callin access through meet.goto.com will be available to registered attendees during the event.
09:00-09:15Meeting Week Kick-off
Meeting week kick off, running through and potentially updating the agenda.
Break Schedule:
10:00-10:15 (MonAM); 14:00-15:00 (MonPM); 10:15-10:30 (ThuAM)
09:15-09:30TCP/IP PSM for DDS Interoperability: Status update on revised submission
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(TwinOaks, ZettaScale)
Issued RFP: mars/17-09-24 (WIP)
09:30-10:00Home page housekeeping
Start discussion about public facing MARS WGs web presence. How to handle? How should they be organized?  Content? Expect discussion to continue during WG meetings this week.
10:15-11:45Secure Relationship Protocol (SRP) Bills of Material (BOM) RFP: Review Draft RFP
Presenter: Alfred Strauch (Smart Talk Beacon)
Issued RFP: mars/23-05-01
11:45-12:00DIDO RA V4.0: Review latest & future plans
Presenters: Nick Stavros/Char Wales (Jackrabbit)
Latest version at Wiki site
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
13:00-14:00Next Steps in response to BlockChain Smart Contracts RFI
Presenter: Ian Stavros (Jackrabbit)
Issued RFI: mars/22-12-21
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
15:00-16:00Cloud WG Discussion Papers & Future Efforts
Presenter: Claude Baudoin (Cébé)
15:00 - Myths & Realities of Cloud Computing DP: Review for publication
              Draft DP: cwg/23-05-01
15:20 - Domain Taxonomies for Cloud Data Governance DP: Review Draft
              Draft DP: cwg/23-06-01
15:40 - Standard Template for Cloud Service Agreements: Discussion of potential RFC
Invited to join: CloudWG
Time slot available to be filled.
Tue 2023-06-20
11:00-12:00Presentation by Xephor Solutions (AI platform using CORBA)
Meeting in room hosted by: ArtificialIntelligencePTF
13:00-17:00IDL WG (Co-Chairs: Chuck Abbott/Fernando Garcia)
Posted Agenda (includes remote connection info)
Wed 2023-06-21
09:00-12:00DDS PSIG
13:30-17:00CORBA WG (Chair: John Draga)
Posted Agenda (includes remote connection info)
Note:  CORBA WG meets with FACE Interop WG during the same time period in the same room with start/stop time for each WG meeting adjusted as needed.
13:30-17:00FACE Interop WG (Co-Chairs: Daniel Herring, John Draga)
Posted Agenda (includes remote connection info)
Note:  FACE Interop WG meets with CORBA WG during the same time period in the same room with start/stop time for each WG meeting adjusted as needed.
14:00-17:00IEF WG (Chair: Mike Abramson)
Posted Agenda (includes remote connection info)
Thu 2023-06-22 (MARS Plenary AM)
Callin Info: Callin access through meet.goto.com will be available to registered attendees during the event.
09:00-10:00IDL4 to TBD Language Mapping Draft RFP: Initial Review
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI)
Review of Draft RFP prepared by IDL WG.  TBD and Doc# to be updated after IDL WG meeting; 
Draft RFP: mars/23-06-TBD
10:00-10:15CORBA 3.5 RTF: Progress Report
Presenters: Chuck Abbott (OIS) / John Draga (Micro Focus)
WIP Page
10:30-11:00Ground Data Delivery Interface (GDDI) RFP: presentation on SpaceDTF RFP
Presenter: Justin Boss (Kratos)
Issued RFP: space/23-03-01
Invited to join: SpaceDTF
11:00-11:20Motions to Issue, Extend, or Adopt
Vote to Publish
11:00 - Myths & Realities of Cloud Computing DP -  Claude Baudoin (Cébé); Draft DP: cwg/23-05-01 [TFQ=5]
Vote to Extend
11:05 - TCP/IP PSM for DDS Interoperability - Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(TwinOaks, ZettaScale); Issued RFP: mars/17-09-24] [VLQ=3]

11:20-12:00Meeting Wrap-up
11:20 - Vote to approve Draft 1Q 2023 Meeting Minutes (mars/23-03-01)* [TFQ=5]
11:30 - WG Report-Outs (CORBA/FACE Interop, IDL, IEF) 
11:45 - Plan for next mtng (update roadmap**) & other ad hoc topics
*Not posted yet .. so link (for now) goes to a blank document page.
**As of March meeting
13:00-15:00MARS Overflow
Time reserved and room available to handle work items generated during the week that dont need to be conducted in MARS plenary or discussions continued from presentations earlier in the week.
15:00-16:30Chairs Planning/Agenda Coordination
Time for MARS Chairs to work on Friday PTC report. Also available to coordinate the MARS agenda with other TFs and SIGs and vice-versa.

Other items for your consideration:
Mon 2023-06-19
16:00-17:00C4I DTF (Revu & Vote to Issue FACE 2.0 UML Profile RFC )
Wed 2023-06-21
13:30-14:30ADTF (UAF V2 RFC Proposal/Review)
15:00-16:00AB Process SC
15:00-17:002023 SysML v2.0 Overview
Event Page
17:00-18:00Cloud WG
17:00-18:00Liaison SC

General notes:
Acronym Supplement
: Blockchain PSIG
BOM: BIll of Materials
CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture (https://www.corba.org/)
DIDO: Distributed Immutable Data Object
DP: Discussion Paper 
FACE:  Future Airborne Capability Environment Consortium, managed by the Open Group (https://www.opengroup.org/face)  
IEF: Information Exchange Framework
MM: Meeting Minutes 
MRF: Machine Readable File
SRP: Secure Relationship Protocol
TFQ: Task Force Quorum (for issuing documents or process votes before voting list closed)
VLQ: Voting List Quorum (for process votes after the voting list closes)

Specific to this Agenda or not available at the OMG site

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