Space DTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Orlando, FL

2023-06-18 to 2023-06-23
Timezone: EDT (UTC-0400)

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Tue 2023-06-20
10:00-12:00 Space DTF Plenary
Welcome to Space Domain Task Force!

Review and vote on an updated Space DTF Charter

Current specification status:
  • C2MS 1.1 RTF
  • CSRM 1.1 RTF
  • GEMS 1.6 RTF
  • SOLM 1.1 RTF
  • XTCE 1.3 RTF
  • XUSP 1.1RTF

Discussion of work-in-process: GDDI RFP

Recap activities since our last technical meeting

13:00-14:00 Space DTF New Business
New Business

Discussion of future RFPs: CUDL RFP, C2MQ RFP, C2MS 2.0 RFP, GEMS 2.0 RFP
15:00-16:00 C4i Collaboration Session
Invited to join: C4IDTF
Wed 2023-06-21
09:00-09:30 Space DTF Standup
09:30-11:00 C2MQ and C2MS 2.0 RFP Discussion
11:00-11:30 GEMS 2.0 RFP Early Discussion
Thu 2023-06-22
09:00-09:30 Space DTF Standup
10:30-11:00 GDDI RFP Overview for MARS
Share details on GDDI RFP
Meeting in room hosted by: MARSPTF

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