Artificial Intelligence PTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Chicago, IL

2023-09-24 to 2023-09-29
Timezone: CDT (UTC-0500)

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Tue 2023-09-26
Chicago and virtual
10:00-12:00 Artificial Intelligence PTF Plenary
Chicago and virtual
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Important notes:
  • Times are listed in the CDT time zone (UTC-5) since the in-person meeting is in Chicago
  • You must register with OMG, even if you're asking to attend remotely, otherwise you will not have access to the collaboration platform. The GoToMeeting link will only be provided by logging in to that platform.
  • Contact [email protected] with any logistics or registration questions.   
*** Note: a last-minute change on Monday caused some reshuffling of the schedule, which is now tentative as all speakers have not confirmed their new time slots ***

10:00-10:15  Welcome and introductions

10:15-10:30  Call for candidates to co-chair the AI PTF. Role and responsibilities of a co-chair.

10:30-11:00  Notations vs. Designs with Results in AI (Karl Gosejacob)

11:00-12:00  AI Standards and the EU AI Act (Konstantin Oppl, Xephor)
  • Isabell Kunst (Xephor) wrote: "I'm currently working on the EU AI act and cameup with a few interesting things that would also be interesting in terms of AI standardization."

12:00-13:00  Lunch
13:00-16:00 AI PTF, continued
Chicago and virtual
13:00-13:45  The EU AI Act -- status and industry feedback (Polina Khubbeeva, BDI)
*** Tentative due to late schedule conflict ***

13:45-14:15  AI Terminology / Vocabulary / Ontology (Claude Baudoin) 
  • Update on the progress of the IEEE P3123 working group
  • Continue previous discussion on the AI PTF direction (knowledge graph? ontology? use MVF?)
14:15-14:30  Refreshment break
14:30-15:00  Systems dynamics and AI (Fred Cummins)
  • "A discussion of system dynamics from the perspectives of the evolution of complexsystems. The video of Tim Clancy’s work in modeling the war inAfghanistan is an excellent example of the expanded power [of] the core, systemdynamics models, and the potential for AI application(s)in the analysis of potential behavior of populations or 'systems' and theirinteractions. 'Agents' is already a component."
15:00-16:00  Roadmap discussion
  • Potential new RFI to understand which standards may be needed (this is a topic we discussed in 2020 as we were trying to analyze the results of the 2019 RFI by NIST; that analysis was not completed for lack of volunteers to do it)
Additional topics that may be addressed or postponed to the next meeting:
  • An update on the NIST ontology of industrial AI that was presented in March (waiting for a response on this from Milos Drobnjakovic)
  • A joint session with the Analysis & Design Task Force about “how do we enable better AI App Design, development and Deployment” (and what role OMG can play to make this happen).

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