Unified Architecture Framework 1.3 RTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Chicago, IL

2023-09-24 to 2023-09-29
Timezone: CDT (UTC-0500)

Up to date agenda can be found at: https://omg.org/events/2023Q3/agendas/UAFRTFCalendar.html

Mon 2023-09-25
09:00-10:15 Introductions and Agenda Review
10:45-12:00 UAF Summit in March Planning
13:00-17:00 UAF implementation in SysML V2
Limited to people working on UAF implementation in SysML V2
Tue 2023-09-26
09:00-12:00 Model-based Acquisition (MBAcq)
13:00-14:00 Briefing at DSIG: UAF V2: A roadmap and the current status of SysML V2 based implementation
See Systems Engineering DSIG agenda for more information.
14:00-17:00 UAF RTF Issues review
(to make sure we covered all major needs for V2 release)
Wed 2023-09-27
09:00-12:00 UAF Issues Solving (special focus to Services and Mission)
13:30-17:00 UAF 2 RFC (Requirements review, planning update)
13:30-17:00 Model-based Acquisition
Thu 2023-09-28
09:00-12:00 Future planning/UAFML related issues review
13:00-14:45 Certification Committee Meeting (closed)

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