AB Process Subcommittee Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Austin, TX

2023-12-03 to 2023-12-08
Timezone: CST (UTC-0600)

Up to date agenda can be found at: https://omg.org/events/2023Q4/agendas/ABPSCCalendar.html

Wed 2023-12-06
15:30-16:30 ABPSC Meeting
Callin Info: Callin access through myomg.webex.com will be available to registered attendees during the event.

1. QuorumCheck (3)
2. Approveprevious minutes: abpsc/23-09-02
3. Spec Origination– Text originated specifications (LaTeX) next steps (ABPSC-58)

  • Status of Manfred macros etc.
  • Finalizing and documenting the formal procedure
4. Applicability of these tools to other spec scenarios
  • Applying this to model originated specs (ABPSC-60)
  • Applying this to future specs that use the current procedures
  • Comparable controls for diagrams – what is possible?
  • Change management for Machine readables

5. Pre-RFP Checklist – finalization and next steps
6. BNF Discussion status and next steps
7. Metadata alignment and guidelines
8. Major / Minor release formal rules refinement and use of SemVer standard
9. JSON v XMI discussion
10. Process formal documentation status
11. SubmissionsGuidelines

  • Version numbersin submission names (e.g. UPOS)
  • Versionsin Machine readables
  • Styleguides e.g. normative language

12. Templates
  • TF Charter Template (and TF Charter process)
  • Other templates management / issues
13. JIRA list and standing items: review, triage

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