Artificial Intelligence PTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Austin, TX

2023-12-03 to 2023-12-08
Timezone: CST (UTC-0600)

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Tue 2023-12-05
09:00-12:00 Digital Engineering Model Interoperability Event

AI PTF members are invited to join this joint session. Details (logistics) to come.
This event is a follow-up to recent discussions about the Boeing and Airbus approaches to the semantics of product data -- obviously in the context of the aeronautics industry initially, but extensible to other domains. This included a talk from Michel Sauvage at the Q3 meeting of the Ontology PSIG.

The purpose is to "level up" the knowledge of this need and potential approaches across all concerned OMG subgroups, including BMI, AI, Ontology, ManTIS, ADTF (which "owns" SysML), C4I, and the MOSA community.

9 am – introductions (Matt Wilson, Simventions, moderator)

9:05 am – Objectives for Digital EngineeringInteroperability (someone from MOSA/C4I)

9:40 am --  Model Based Engineering Interoperability enabled by GfSE’s SpecIF, prostep ivip’s DDP and the relationship to OMG’s Product Knowledge Framework RFI -- William C. Beavin (Boeing), Uwe Kaufmann (GfSE)

10:15 am – Coffee Break

10:30 am – Airbus Common Language (Thomas Barré, Airbus)

11:05 am – Commons Ontology Library Overview and CurrentRoadmap (Elisa Kendall, Thematix Partners)

11:40 am – Discussion and Next Steps

12 pm -- adjourn for lunch


Meeting in room hosted by: JointDEMI
13:00-17:00 Artificial Intelligence PTF
Callin Info: Callin access through will be available to registered attendees during the event.

Important notes:
  • Times are listed in the CST time zone (UTC-6) since the in-person meeting is in Austin
  • You must register with OMG, even if you're asking to attend remotely, otherwise you will not have access to the collaboration platform. The GoToMeeting link will only be provided by logging in to that platform.
  • Contact [email protected] with any logistics or registration questions. 
Agenda (please contact [email protected] if you need to change your time slot or the title of your item):
13:00--13:15  Welcome, introduction to/of new attendees, agenda review
13:15--14:00  Standards for machine learning -- Isabell Kunst and/or Konstantin Oppl, Xephor Solutions
14:00--14:15  Placeholder for AI IP discussion -- Karl Gosejacob (GOSEJACOB) and/or Arnaud Billion (IBM)

14:15--14:30  Update on the Generative AI paper by the Responsible Computing consortium -- Cheranellore (Vasu) Vasudevan (IBM), Michael Linehan (RC)
14:30--14:45  Break

14:45--15:00  Remarks on AI in the pharmaceutical industry -- Doug Kiehl (Eli Lilly)
15:00--15:20  NIST's Ontology for Industrial AI Applications -- Milos Drobnjakovic (NIST)
15:20--15:45  Report from the TED AI Conference in San Francisco, Oct. 17-18 -- Elisa Kendall (Thematix) 
  • Thoughts on metrics for responsible AI
15:45--16:15  Update and discussion on AI regulations
16:15--17:00  Discussion
  • News about the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation and invitation to attend their meeting on Wednesday morning
  • Invitation to attend the cross-consortia AI collaboration session, also on Wednesday morning
  • AI PTF roadmap
    • Is it time to design a new RFI about what AI standards are needed? There was a NIST RFI about this in 2019, but it was U.S.-centric, it received a number of unspecific replies, and it was pre-LLMs.
  • We need a new co-chair!
17:00 Adjourn
Wed 2023-12-06
09:00-12:00 AI PTF optional session (with EKG PTF)
The AI PTF is not formally meeting on Wednesday, but there are two sessions of likely interest that you are encouraged to attend.
See details on the EKG agenda page

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation meeting
  • The EKGF is being moved into the OMG family of consortia!
  • A new EKG Platform Task Force should be chartered by a vote in the PTC on Friday
  • A new Managed Community is also being created, retaining the name EKGF (but probably standing for Enterprise Knowledge Graph Forum, or similar) to welcome small organizations, consultants, etc., for whom SDO membership levels are not appropriate.

Meeting in room hosted by: EKGPTF
10:15-11:15 Cross-consortia AI collaboration
Joining instructions will be posted when available. If you are physically in Austin, you can also go to the IIC/DTC registration desk and ask.
This is a joint meeting with the Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) and the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC).
You will learn what those other consortia in the OMG family have been doing, and what we may do together in the future.

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