Ontology PSIG Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Austin, TX

2023-12-03 to 2023-12-08
Timezone: CST (UTC-0600)

Up to date agenda can be found at: https://omg.org/events/2023Q4/agendas/OntologyPSIGCalendar.html

Tue 2023-12-05
09:00-12:00 Joint Digital Engineering Model Integration session

The purpose is to "level up" the knowledge of this need and potential approaches across all concerned OMG subgroups, including BMI, AI, Ontology, ManTIS, ADTF (which "owns" SysML), C4I, and the MOSA (Modular Open Systems Architecture Approach) WG.
See agenda for Digital Engineering Model Integration (DEMI) Session under OTHER MEMBER ACTIVITIES section of the meeting agendas page.
Meeting in room hosted by: JointDEMI
Wed 2023-12-06
09:00-12:00 Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform Task Force
A nascent group at OMG on Enterprise Knowledge Graphs is meeting to discuss related work and charters. The OMG ontology community is encouraged to attend.

Agenda is available here:
Meeting in room hosted by: EKGPTF
Thu 2023-12-07 (Ontology PSIG Plenary)
Callin Info:  Callin access through thematixpartnersllc.my.webex.com will be available to registered attendees during the event.
09:00-09:45 Foundations for Multicontext Modelling: semantic web-compatible vocabulary management in UML for standards (Stephen Powley, Coventry University)

Stephen Powley, Phd Researcher in Automotive Cybersecurity, Systems Security Group,
Centre for Future Transport and Cities, Coventry University, CV1 5FB, United Kingdom
(30 min talk + 15 min discussion)

09:45-10:15 Making OMG ontologies more findable (Elisa Kendall, Thematix)
Discussion of the requirements needed to provide an online search capability similar to the BioPortal, OBO Foundry, Linked Open Data, data.world, and others.
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-11:15 ACL and its properties library (Thomas Barre & Michel Sauvage, Airbus)
(to be confirmed) After a short overview from Michel Savauge, Thomas Barre will detail ACL, with an emphasis on its Properties library and quantities and units.
11:15-12:00 Next Extensions to Commons Ontology (Elisa Kendall, Thematix)
Discussion of plans and OMG requirements for the next round of extensions to the OMG Commons Ontology.

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