ManTIS DTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Amsterdam, NL

2019-06-16 to 2019-06-21
Timezone: UTC+02

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Mon 2019-06-17
09:00-09:15 Agenda review and introductions
09:15-09:45 MBSE – Why Model Management Matters
presenter: Christian Muggeo, Contact Software
09:45-10:15 Research Project GENIAL: SysML as core component of a knowledge-based platform supporting roadmapping in the early phases of integrated microelectronic innovation processes in the automotive industry
presenter: Damun Mollahassani, University of Kaiserslautern - VPE department
10:30-11:15 SENSR RFP initial submission discussion and evaluation
presenter: Dr. Jason McC. Smith, Elemental Reasoning
11:15-11:45 Product Knowledge Framework RFI
presenter: William Beavin, BOEING
11:45-12:00 Vote to recommend PKF RFI for issuance
13:00-13:30 prostep ivip SysML Workflow Forum - status and future plans
presenter: Veronica Haber, prostep ivip
13:30-13:45 GfSE SysML Industrialisation (SMInd) status and update
presenter: Uwe Kaufmann, GfSE
13:45-14:30 SpecIF - Specification Intergration Facility
presenter: Dr. Oskar von Dungern, Adesso
14:30-14:45 Model interchange – needs Diff and Merge capabilities!
presenter: Daniel Siegl, LieberLieber
15:00-16:00 Model Interchange beyond XMI - RFP discussion
presenter: Uwe Kaufmann, GfSE
16:00-16:30 Update on Productive 4.0 project and intro to Arrowhead Tools
presenter: Prof. Øystein Haugen, HIOF
16:30-17:00 ManTIS roadmap and future interest discussion
17:00-17:00 Adjourn

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