Blockchain PSIG Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Long Beach, CA

2019-12-07 to 2019-12-14
Timezone: UTC-08

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Mon 2019-12-09
13:00-13:15Blockchain Ecosystem Interoperability RFI: Review first draft
Presenter: Mike Bennett (IOTA); Issued RFI: mars/19-08-03.
Note that even though the RFI Response deadline is 1 Feb 2020; purpose to share what responses are expected.  
Meeting in room hosted by: MARSPTF
13:15-14:15Linked Encryption Streams (LETS) RFP: Review Draft
Presenter: Mike Bennett (IOTA)
Meeting in room hosted by: MARSPTF
14:30-16:00"Event Dispatcher" RFP: Review Draft RFP
Presenter: Mike Bennett (IOTA)
Meeting in room hosted by: MARSPTF
16:00-16:45DIDO Reference Architecture (RA) 2.0 Discussion Paper: Review next major version
Presenter: Nick Stavros (Jackrabbit); Draft Discussion Paper: mars/19-09-09.  
Meeting in room hosted by: MARSPTF
16:45-17:00DIDO Test Environment (TE) Demonstration
Presenter: Nick Stavros (Jackrabbit)
Meeting in room hosted by: MARSPTF
Tue 2019-12-10
11:30-12:00IOTA Tangle RFC: Review next draft
Presenter: Mike Bennett (IOTA); Draft RFC (Sept): mars/19-09-10 (New draft RFC doc No. TBC)  
Meeting in room hosted by: MARSPTF
13:00-13:15IOTA Landscape and Standards Review
Presenter: Mike Bennett
13:15-13:45Event Dispatcher Feedback
Description: Process feedback from MARS meeting on Event Dispatcher potential RFP or extension of existng standard
13:45-14:15I3 Data Marketplace
Presenter: TBC
14:45-17:00LETS RFP Drafting

Other items for your consideration:
Wed 2019-12-11
16:00-20:00Blockchain Related Demos
- IOTA will demonstrate: (a) using the I3 Marketplace to reserve a parking place at an event and (b) the ability to capture & record sensor data onboard miniature autonomous vehicles in the IOTA Tangle and then trading them on the I3 Marketplace.
- Jackrabbit will demonstrate the DIDO Test Bed.

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