BPM in Health Workshop

Business Process Modeling in Health

DATE: Wednesday, September 27, 2017
TIME: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
PLACE: Hyatt Regency New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA, USA
COST: $149 (Registration Required)
CONTACT: info@omg.org

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Getting to Healthcare Portability Workflow with BPMN –
An Industry Workshop

Following a very successful initial community launch in December, this workshop will continue to advance the agenda of health workflow portability. Exploring the development of an industry modeling "field guide" to assure that organizations can independently model workflows that can be sharable with other institutions, as well as elaboration of specific workflow case studies to validate technical approaches and determine the efficacy of Business Process Modeling Notation, Case Management and Modeling Notation, and Decision Modeling Notation for this business need.

The workshop will begin with a select number of overview and context-setting presentations, with the majority of the day dedicated to hands-on breakout sessions to perform work in collaboration with peers across this problem space. Within the health segment today, provider organizations each have their clinical processes and workflows that govern how protocols are followed and care is delivered. One of the operational challenges in becoming a "learning" organization lies in the ability to adapt and evolve those processes to embrace emerging best clinical practice, and to perform continuous improvement based upon care delivery and care outcomes within your own institution. Further, the professional societies and colleges continue to evolve and mature their guidelines, and staying current with those means incorporating that medical knowledge into your care pathways. In a landscape where clinical knowledge and medical workflows are often either embedded in electronic health record (EHR) systems, or manually configured at an institution or site level, accommodating these changes can be timely, difficult, or near impossible to realize. Moreover, these rules are often expressed in "geek speak" and not in a language that can be owned and managed by the clinical community.

Business Process Modeling Notation™ (BPMN™) is a non-healthcare-specific representation of business processes and workflows that has both broad adoption and a robust set of support tools. BPMN has enabled other vertical sectors to model these needs en route to creating reusable knowledge artifacts that could be shared and in fact interoperate across systems and organizations. Recent work in the industry have uncovered gaps in how BPMN should integrate with the healthcare workforce to support truly portable, patient centered processes. To put it in a different light, BPMN standards have helped define the baseline for what should get accomplished in any given health care process. The implementation of BPMN in healthcare is increasingly challenged by Who should be responsible for any given task. This workshop is geared toward exploring the specific and unique needs of the clinical health landscape, investigating BPMN and the extended set of BPMN enhancement standards to determine the viability, coverage, and gaps when considering this approach for solving the healthcare challenges described above. Of particular interest is an exploration on how best to integrate BPMN with the healthcare workforce.

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