June, 2022

Technical Meeting Resource Hub

June 24, 2022


Meeting Summaries

Architecture Board Minutes ( Draft ) Domain Technology Committee Minutes ( Draft ) Platform Technology Committee Minutes ( Draft )

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Platform Task Forces 

Platform Special Interest Groups 

Domain Task Forces

Business Modeling & Integration (BMI) Domain Task Force
Email: bmi-chair@omg.org
C4I Domain Task Force
Email: c4i-chair@omg.org
Finance Domain Task Force
Email: finance-chair@omg.org
Government Information Sharing and Services Domain Task Force
Email: government-chair@omg.org
Healthcare Domain Task Force
Email: healthcare-chair@omg.org
ManTIS Domain Task Force
Email: mantis-chair@omg.org
Retail DTF
Email: retail-chair@omg.org
Robotics DTF
Email: robotics-chair@omg.org
Space Domain Task Force
Email: space-chair@omg.org 

Domain Special Interest Groups

Mathematical Formalism DSIG
Email: mathsig-chair@omg.org
Model Interchange AB SIG
Email: model-interchange-chair@omg.org
Open Civic Standards
Email: ocs-dsig-chair@omg.org 

Regulatory Compliance Domain SIG
Email: rc-chair@omg.org 

 Systems Engineering Domain Special Interest Group
Email: syseng-chair@omg.org

AB Subgroups

Business Architecture SIG
Email: basig-chair@omg.org
Certification SC
Email: cert-chair@omg.org
Email: ipr-chair@omg.org
Liaison Subcommittee
Email: liaison-chair@omg.org
Object & Reference Model (ORM)SC
Email: ormsc-chair@omg.org
Process Metamodel ABSIG
Email: pm-sig-chair
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) ABSIG
Email: soa-chair@omg.org
Software Assurance ABSIG
Email: swa-chair@omg.org
Specification Management AB Subcommittee
Email: smsc-chair@omg.org 

* Group/Task Force did not present at this meeting.