OMG Technical Meeting
Nashville, TN

2019-09-22 to 2019-09-27
Timezone: UTC-05

Up to date agenda can be found at: https://omg.org/events/tn-19/agendas/MARSPTFCalendar.html

Mon 2019-09-23 (MARS Plenary)
09:00-12:00MARS Plenary AM
Nominal list (no schedule yet):
  • REST for CORBA RFP -- Review and Issue
  • Space Telecommunications Interface (STI) RFP -- Review and Issue (Joint with Space DTF)
  • DDS C# API RFP: Review first draft of new RFP
  • Joint with BC PSIG/FDTF
    • Blockchain Ecosystem Interoperability RFI - Review first draft -- possibly issue
    • IOTA Tangle/Blockchain Node RFC -- Review and possibly issue
    • DIDO Reference Architecture (RA) V2.0 DP - Review next major version
    • DIDO Test Environment (TE) - Demonstration
  • CWG Discussion Paper (DP): “Cloud Service Agreements: What to expect and what to negotiate?” -- review and issue?
  • Other Topics TBD

Some of the acronyms not spelled out above:
  • BC PSIG: Blockchain PSIG
  • CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture (https://www.corba.org/)
  • DIDO: Distributed Immutable Data Object
  • FDTF: Finance Domain Task Force (DTF)
  • REST: REpresentational State Transfer (https://restfulapi.net/)

13:30-17:00MARS Plenary PM
Tue 2019-09-24 (MARS Working Groups PM)
13:00-17:00MARS IDL WG (Chair: Clark Tucker)
Posted Agenda

13:00-17:00MARS SNC WG (Chair: Jeff Smith)
Posted Agenda

Wed 2019-09-25 (MARS Working Groups PM)
09:00-12:00DDS PSIG
13:30-17:00MARS CORBA WG (Chair: John Draga)
Posted Agenda

13:30-17:00MARS IEF WG (Chair: Mike Abramson)
Posted Agenda

Thu 2019-09-26 (MARS Plenary)
09:00-12:00MARS Plenary
  • Other Topics TBD
  • Votes to Issue
    • CWG Discussion Paper: “Cloud Service Agreements: What to expect and what to negotiate?”
    • Blockchain Ecosystem Interoperability RFI
    • IOTA Tangle/Blockchain Node RFC -- Review and possibly issue (Joint with BC PSIG/Finance DTF)
    • REST for CORBA RFP
    • Space Telecommunications Interface (STI) RFP
  • Meeting Wrap-up
    • Vote to approve Draft Amsterdam Meeting Minutes
    • WG Report-Outs (IDL, SNC, IEF, CORBA)
    • Plan for next mtng (update roadmap) & other ad hoc topics

13:00-15:00MARS Overflow
Time reserved and room available to handle work items generated during the week that don't need to be conducted in MARS plenary or discussions continued from presentations earlier in the week.
15:00-16:00Chairs Planning/Agenda Coordination
Time for MARS Chairs to work on Friday PTC report. Also available to coordinate the MARS agenda with other TFs and SIGs.

Other items for your consideration:
Mon 2019-09-23
17:00-19:00DDS Foundation Meet & Greet
For those interested in DDS: Agenda

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