OMG Technical Meeting
Nashville, TN

2019-09-21 to 2019-09-27
Timezone: UTC-05

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Mon 2019-09-23 (MARS Plenary)
09:00-09:05Meeting Week Kick-off
Meeting week kick off, running through and potentially updating the agenda.

Break Schedule:
10:05 - 10:15 (MonAM), 15:15- 15:30 (MonPM); 10:30 - 10:40 (Thur AM)
09:05-10:05REST for CORBA RFP: Review final version prior to AB review
Presenter: Matteo Vescovi (Micro Focus)
Draft RFP:  mars/19-08-01
10:15-10:45DDS C# API RFP: Review first draft of new RFP (initial)
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI) - remote
Remote connection info provided in "General Notes" at the bottom of the Agenda.
10:45-11:45Space Telecommunications Interface (STI) RFP: Review final version prior to AB review
Presenter: Jeff Smith (MaceFusion)
Draft RFP:  mars/19-08-02 
Invited to join: SpaceDTF
11:45-12:00Public Cloud Service Agreements: What to Expect and What to Negotiate: Review Cloud WG Discussion Paper
Presenter: Claude Baudoin (Cébé-ITKM)
Draft DP:  cwg/19-08-01
13:30-14:15Blockchain Ecosystem Interoperability RFI: Review first draft
Presenter: Mike Bennett (IOTA/EDMCouncil)
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
14:15-15:15IOTA Tangle RFC: Review next draft
Presenter: Mike Bennett (IOTA)
Previous Draft RFC: mars/19-06-13
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
15:30-16:30DIDO Reference Architecture (RA) 2.0 Discussion Paper: Review next major version
Presenter: Nick Stavros (Jackrabbit)
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
16:30-17:00DIDO Test Environment (TE): Demonstration
Presenter: Nick Stavros (Jackrabbit)
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
Tue 2019-09-24 (MARS RFP Team AM/Working Groups PM)
09:00-12:00DDS C# API RFP Drafting Team
Mtng Room = Melody, Lobby Level
Continue preparation of DDS C# API RFP. All interested parties invite/encouraged to participate.

Remote connection info provided in "General Notes" at the bottom of the Agenda.
13:00-17:00MARS IDL WG (Chair: Clark Tucker)
Posted Agenda
13:00-17:00MARS SNC WG (Chair: Jeff Smith)
Posted Agenda
Wed 2019-09-25 (MARS Working Groups PM)
09:00-12:00DDS PSIG
09:00-10:00MAM & EEE: Review of potential complementary technologies to serve emerging Blockchain Ecosystem
Presenters: S. D. Nelson, Mat Yarger, Mike Bennett (IOTA)
Time permitting, may also discuss ProtoBuf as a complementary blockchain technology.
Meeting in room hosted by: BlockchainPSIG
13:30-17:00MARS CORBA WG (Chair: John Draga)
Posted Agenda
13:30-17:00MARS IEF WG (Chair: Mike Abramson)
Posted Agenda
Thu 2019-09-26 (MARS Plenary)
09:00-10:00Space Telecommunications Interface (STI) RFP: Second Detailed Review
Presenter: Jeff Smith (MaceFusion)
Draft RFP: mars/19-08-02
Invited to join: SpaceDTF
10:00-10:30DDS C# API RFP: Review revised draft of new RFP
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI) - remote
Zoom: ;    Meeting ID: 840 797 344
Refer to bottom of MARS agenda posted on OMG web site for call in numbers.
10:40-11:20Motions to Issue/Extend/Adopt
Votes to Issue

10:40 - Public Cloud Service Agreements: What to Expect and What to Negotiate V3.0 - Claude Baudoin (Cébé -ITKM)
         Draft DP: mars/19-09-07
10:50 - Blockchain Ecosystem Interoperability RFI - Mike Bennett (IOTA/EDMCouncil)
         Draft RFI: mars/19-08-03
11:00 - REST for CORBA RFP - Matteo Vescovi (Microfocus)
         Draft RFP: mars/19-08-01; Revised: mars/19-09-04
11:10 - Space Telecommunications Interface (STI) RFP - Jeff Smith (MaceFusion)
         Draft RFP: mars/19-08-02; revised RFP: doc# TBD
11:20-12:00Meeting Wrap-up
11:20 - Vote to approve Draft Amsterdam Meeting Minutes (mars/19-06-09
11:30 - WG Report-Outs (CORBA, IDL, IEF, SNC) 
11:45 - Plan for next mtng (update roadmap) & other ad hoc topics
13:00-15:00MARS Overflow
Time reserved and room available to handle work items generated during the week that don't need to be conducted in MARS plenary or discussions continued from presentations earlier in the week.
15:00-16:00Chairs Planning/Agenda Coordination
Time for MARS Chairs to work on Friday PTC report. Also available to coordinate the MARS agenda with other TFs and SIGs.

Other items for your consideration:
Mon 2019-09-23
17:00-19:00DDS Foundation Meet & Greet: Data Connectivity for Autonomous Distributed Systems
For those interested in DDS: Program
17:30-19:30BPM+Health Community Launch
Tue 2019-09-24
08:00-09:00Liaison ABSC
09:00-17:00BPM+Health Industry Workshop
Program & Agenda
09:00-10:00C4I DTF (FACE Profile for UAF Initial Submission)
11:00-12:00Finance DTF (IDs for Crypto Assets)
May have a bearing on our Blockchain efforts. Agenda
Wed 2019-09-25
08:30-16:30SysA PTF
09:00-17:00BPM+Health Industry Workshop
Program & Agenda

General notes:
##Call in info DDS C# API RFP
* Presentation on Monday morning:
    Meeting ID: 780 604 359

* RFP Preparation Team on Tuesday morning:
   Meeting ID: 333 284 612

* Review of revised RFP on Thursday morning
   Meeting ID: 840 797 344
Dial in numbers for Zoom
Dial by your location
        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        888 475 4499 US Toll-free
        877 853 5257 US Toll-free
        +34 917 873 431 Spain
        +34 84 368 5025 Spain
        900 839 088 Spain Toll-free
        +49 30 3080 6188 Germany
        +49 30 5679 5800 Germany
        +49 69 7104 9922 Germany
        0 800 724 3138 Germany Toll-free
        +44 203 051 2874 United Kingdom
        +44 203 481 5237 United Kingdom
        +44 203 966 3809 United Kingdom
        +44 131 460 1196 United Kingdom
        0 800 031 5717 United Kingdom Toll-free

Find your local number:

Acronym Supplement

: Blockchain PSIG
CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture (
DP: Discussion Paper 
DIDO: Distributed Immutable Data Object
EEE: Environment, Entity, Effect  (IOTA term)
FACE:  Future Airborne Capability Environment Consortium, managed by the Open Group (
FDTF: Finance Domain Task Force (DTF) 
IEF: Information Exchange Framework 
MAM: Masked Authenticated Messaging (IOTA term)
MM: Meeting Minutes 
MRF: Machine Readable File 
ProtoBuf: Protocol Buffers (
REST: REpresentational State Transfer (
SNC: Secure Network Communications 
STRS: Space Telecommunications Radio System (an Open Architecture from NASA) 

Specific to this Agenda or not available at the OMG site

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