GovDTF Charter & Structure


The Government Domain Task Force was chartered in the OMG's Domain Technology Committee Plenary, 17 February 2006 during the Technical Committee meetings in Tampa FL.



  •  To serve as a Community of Interest in the application of Model Driven Architecture and other OMG specifications to governmental organizations in civilian, defense, and intelligence sectors.

  • Recommend technology specifications based on OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) that enable interoperability, reusability and modularity in government systems.

  • To provide advice, consultation, and support to the OMG in the development of specifications applicable to government systems in particular.

  • To form and coordinate government specific working groups within the Task Force tailored to address the particular needs of specific governmental sectors at the international, national, regional, or local levels.

  • Liaise with external Standards and Governmental Organizations

Value Proposition

  • Empower and provide a forum for the government user community to specify requirements, guide acquisition, and ensure fulfillment of those requirements in the OMG
  • Apply MDA and other OMG Specifications to Support:
    • Interoperability, affordability, reusability, agility, and security
    • SOA and net-centric computing
    • Enterprise Architecture and Solution Development Lifecycle processes
    • Legacy Modernization


Government-centric Working Groups

Experience has shown that participation from key constituencies is critical.  In the public sector, these constituents are not always able to travel to the diverse locations of the OMG technical meetings.  For this reason, the following strategy was implemented.

  • Establish Working Groups as Communities of Interest around particular regional governmental entity(s)

  • Working Groups will meet locally as they deem necessary & sufficient.

  • Each Working Group will have a Steering Committee

    • Membership will be comprised of key government stakeholders.

    • Steering Committee will provide advice and guidance to the working group in constructing the GovDTF Roadmap and selecting items in the Roadmap for execution.

    • It is the intention that the Steering Committee will assure government representations in Technical Committee meetings. Typically each member will be expected to make at least one meeting outside the seat of government and all meetings near or in the seat of government.

  • GovDTF is an Umbrella Organization

  • WGs give status reports in Task Force Plenary. The following diagram illustrates the intended Task Force/Working Group structure


Current Working Groups