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Dependability Assurance Framework for Danish version
Safety-Sensitive Consumer Devices
(Formerly known as the Consumer Device Safety Standard)

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photo Dependability Assurance Framework for Safety-Sensitive Consumer Devices or Automotive Electronics is a newly coined term which refers to a new category of industrial products used by end users including automobiles, service robots, consumer electronics and smart houses.

Unlike traditional industrial machineries, consumer devices are used in diverse, open, and dynamic environments. Furthermore, as accountability of manufacturing companies becomes crucial, they need to assure that their products are dependable whenever required during the development and operational phases. To satisfy these requirements, this paper proposes a process model of simultaneous development of embedded control software and dependability cases. In the process, control software and the dependability case are simultaneously refined and updated. These perspectives are created according to the experiences that Japan has provided highly safe and reliable products with the reasonable prices in the world. These will become more important than before because the complexity will be rapidly progressing such that consumer devices are connecting with the social network including information and energy systems. This paper gives an overview of our effort to standardize the functional safety of consumer devices, their development methodologies and how their dependability is assured.



Assuring Dependability of Consumer Devices RFI
(document sysa/2011-12-02) This RFI intends to be the first step to standardize the processes, methodologies, and tools to assure the software dependability of consumer devices.
Assuring Dependability of Consumer Devices: Automobiles, Consumer Robots, Smart Houses, Avionics, etc.
White Paper - December 2011

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