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Property & Casualty

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What's the P&C Specification?

This specification addresses the data management needs of the Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance community. It uses OMGís Model Driven Architecture principles and related standards ( Also, this specification uses existing P&C industry standards (e.g., IBMís IAA) as a source for the P&C Business Glossary and associated models.

The scope for this initiative includes the U.S.P&C marketplace data for the core Party, Policy, and Claims Subject Areas. Additional data models have been included to sub-types and roles and to further describe the major entity concepts of Accounts and Agreements, Assessments, Events, and Money.

This specification does not include initial models incorporating billing, agency, reinsurance, or other functions within the insurance value chain. These are to be addressed in subsequent OMG specifications. View the specification here.

The P&C Data Model Working Group (WG) is focused mainly on the regulated USA Property and Casualty insurance industry for both Personal and Commercial lines. The ceded reinsurance view is included; but, the reinsurer view is not. The WG is focused on the data and models needed to support New Business, Policy Administration, and Claims.


Many organizations of varying types may desire to use the P&C Data Model in varying ways. We encourage all interested organizations (carriers, vendors, consultancies, agencies, etc.) to explore ways to use this model to its best advantage. However, for an organization to be considered to have implemented this model in conformance with the OMG standard, the following conceptual major data entities must be implemented exactly as represented in this submission document. All other entities can be extended or collapsed as the organizationís needs dictate. Major Property and Casualty Data Model Entities:

bullet Account bullet Insurable Object bullet Policy Deductible
bullet Activity bullet Location Address bullet Policy Limit
bullet Agreement bullet Money bullet Product
bullet Claim bullet Party bullet Product Coverage
bullet Communication bullet Policy bullet Reinsurance Agreement
bullet Coverage bullet Policy Coverage Detail bullet Reinsurance Coverage
bullet EventGeographic Location        


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