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Vector Signal and Image Processing Library

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image OMG Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt Vector Signal and Image Processing Library (VSIPL™) for C and VSIPL++ for C++ as official OMG specifications at the OMG Technical Meeting September 11, 2012 in Jacksonville, FL. Work on moving the specifications to OMG governance began in March 2012 and was led by Mentor Graphics' Embedded Software Division, RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC.,The Mitre Corporation as well as the High Performance Embedded Computing Software Initiative (HPEC-SI).

Formal adoption of VSIPL standards marks a smooth and rapid integration of HPEC-SI efforts and the OMG Technology Adoption Process. The overall mission of HPEC-SI is software portability to enable "write-once/run-anywhere" for applications of high performance embedded computing.

VSIPL is an application programming interface (API) defined by an open standard developed by embedded signal and image processing hardware and software vendors, academia, application developers, and government labs. A number of hardware and software vendors have developed VSIPL products, and it is being increasingly used by
developers who desire a highly efficient and portable computational middleware for signal and image processing applications.

VSIPL and VSIPL++ contain hundreds of functions used for common signal processing kernel and other computations. These functions include basic arithmetic, trigonometric, transcendental, signal processing, linear algebra, and image processing. The VSIPL family of libraries has been implemented by multiple vendors for a range of processor architectures, including x86, PowerPC, Cell, and NVIDIA GPUs. VSIPL and VSIPL++ are designed to achieve high performance, increase programmer productivity and maintain portability across a range of processor architectures. Additionally, VSIPL++ was designed from the start to include support for parallelism.

To learn more about and to contribute to the newly formed OMG HPEC Working Group and its activities on supporting, enhancing and promoting the VSIPL and VSIPL++ standards, visit the OMG HPEC Working Group Wiki.



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