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The Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Task Force has a number of Technology Adoptions "in the pipe"

Click the "Schedule" link for:

  • Request for Proposal
  • Schedule & Deadlines
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) List
  • Voting List
  • Initial Submissions
  • Revised Submissions

Click the "Background" link for information on details behind the work item.

There are Finalization and Revision Task Forces currently in progress and of interest to ManTIS. Click the "Schedule" link for:

  • Technology Schedule and Deadlines.
  • Voting List
  • Public Comment Deadline
  • RTF Revision Deadline
  • Vote Deadline (if under Adoption Vote)

ManTIS Overview

ManTIS was chartered by the OMG Domain Technical Committee on Friday, 4-Oct-2002, as the Manufacturing & Utility Domain Task Forces were dissolved. This new group effectively represents the merger of the two task forces and expansion into subject areas closely related to Manufacturing and Utilities, but with interest groups that go beyond those two categories.

ManTIS Charter:  dtc/2002-10-02

The mission of the "Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Domain Task Force", ManTIS DTF, is to foster the emergence of cost effective, timely, commercially available and interoperable software components for the Manufacturing and Industrial Systems domain through the development of standard interfaces using the OMG process. The ManTIS DTF will issue specifications in the following industrial sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Processes
  • Control Systems


  • Recommend technology specifications based on OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) that enable interoperability, reusability and modularity.
  • Encourage development of standard interfaces that encapsulate legacy systems, enabling their integration and easing migration to new technologies.
  • Encourage adoption of ManTIS-related OMG specifications by other standardization organizations
  • Establish a working relationship with other Task Forces in both Platform and Domain Technology Committees of the OMG to provide mutual support and leverage for each other's specifications.
  • Establish and maintain active liaison relationships with appropriate external organizations in support of the preceding goals.

The most recent version of our roadmap will give you more information about our planned activities.

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Upcoming Meeting

At the upcoming San Diego meeting, March 29, 2007, ManTIS DTF meeting will address:

  • PLM Services V2 final submission review
  • KBE Services update

Preliminary agenda

Meeting Information (Registration, Agendas & Logistics)

Can't make the meeting this time around? – Be sure to assign your directed or open proxy to another member or one of the chairs by faxing it to Jürgen Boldt, OMG. See the brief Proxy Primer for details, or contact the chairs for assistance.

  • Suggestions for technology development are encouraged

  • Voting Slot Vote-to-vote PLM Services V2
  • ManTIS roadmap discussion


29 March, 2007, San Diego Plenary Meeting:

  • Product Lifecycle Management Services V2.0 revised submission has been posted to the OMG server with the document number mantis/2007-03-01
  • The machine -readable files of the submission are available as mantis/2007-03-03

The submission with all assoicated files has been linked to the RFP work in progress page located at https://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/PLM_Services_V2.0_RFP.html


5 December, 2006 Washington Plenary Meeting:

PLM Services V2.0 was reviewed with document numbers:

A number of presentations were held in collaboration with the Systems Engineering DSIG:

Document No.

Document Description



MEXICO and EXPRESS_UML Interoperability

Uwe Kaufmann



David Price


Interoperation in Industrial Automation: ISO Viewpt

Richard Martin


SE Interoperability Plugfest

Peter Denno


AP233 Progress including DODAF

David Price


PLM Services V2 Revised Submission

Lutz Laemmer


Status of PLM Services Deployment

Michael Feltes


ManTIS TC Presentation

R. Claus


ManTIS Meeting Minutes

R. Claus


20-24 June 2005, Boston Plenary Meetings:

  • PLM Services V 2. Lutz Lammer;  mantis/2005-06-02.

    AB Reviewed the RFP on June 20, 2005. Several comments were received. PLM Services V1 adopted in April 2004, finalized April 2005. Current V2 focus is on digital engineering change request between supplier and OEM. ISO 10303-214 (Specification Control and Process Planning) development prompts V 2 effort. Scope of V2 aligned with Conformance Class CC21 in AP 214. Some modeling issues and optimized queries to be included in effort.

  •  KBE Services for PLM; document mantis/2005-06-03. Pablo Bermell-Garcia.

Draft RFP discussed. It will focus on: Rules, Engineering Data Abstraction, and Relationships between engineering artifacts.

  • Virtual  Research Lab / Knowledge Community in Production; mantis/2005-06-04. Uwe Kaufman. Exploring issues in standardization research.

  •  Edward Barkmeyer, NIST; mantis/2005-06-06

Transformation of EXPRESS Models Using OMG Technologies – migrate Express models to MDA. Ed described an effort to develop a UML / MOF model of EXPRESS. Effort may lead to an RFP or RFC. A substantial portion of the mapping has been started and an initial draft may be available in early July 2005.

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ManTIS Current Activities

  • KBE RFI – Knowledge Based Engineering Request for Information.
    Status: Currently issued. Responses are being solicited. (See Schedule & Background)
    [Note: The KBE RFP has been issued.]
  • HDAIS RFP – Historical Data Access from Industrial Systems.
    Status: The DTC Plenary Electronic vote on the ABB submission completed and the technology approved. The submission is currently under review by the Board of Directors. (See Schedule & Background)
  • Product Lifecycle Management Services V1.0 – A PLM Services V1.0 reference implementation is available.
  • Product Lifecycle Management Services V2.0 - A RFP was issued following the Boston 2005 meeting.
  • CAD Services V1.3 Revision Task Force – The CAD Services V1.3 RTF public comment deadline expired 3 Nov 2005. The RTF Report is due 12 February 2006.
    Status: RTF remains active to address any issues.
  • PDM Enablers V1.5 RTF  – Chartered in Danvers in order to assure a seated RTF should critical issues emerge. 
    • Chair: Lutz Lämmer, ProSTEP
    • Comments due: 15 Dec 2001
    • Report due: 7 Oct 2002
    Status: Open to receive issues. [Note: the deadline is technically passed, but those with issues are encouraged to submit them]

Manufacturing Outreach Working Group

ManTIS Road Map Working Group

  • Click here for the currently adopted roadmap.
  • The Roadmap activities have been more closely integrated into Task Force activities by creating a "standing" agenda item for ManTIS Plenaries. A minimum of 15 minutes is devoted to review of the roadmap & suggestions for its update.

Plenary Work Items
(not assigned to Working Group)

  • Model Driven Architecture in Manufacturing
    Status: Manufacturing is working out a framework for model driven architecture to guide the recast of its previous and existing work, and provide a blueprint for future work items.
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Task Force Co-chairs:

Uwe Kaufmann
Fraunhofer IPK
Russ Claus NASA Glenn Research Center

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This page was updated on 13 March 2004. Please send comments and suggestions to mantis@omg.org by email.

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