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Submission Evaluations

PDM Enablers V2.0 RFP – mfg/2000-01-02
(All Submitters have Withdrawn.. the Submission is no longer active)

Current Issue Log:
Revision 20010820-0200 – mfg/2001-08-06



(30 August 2001)

(20 August 2001)



 Lutz Lämmer,
 Larry L. Johnson,

Hosting Working Group:
Product & Process Engineering Working Group

Contact information:
The PDM Enablers Version 2.0 Submission Evaluation Team may be contacted through its working group via e-mail at mfg_ppe@omg. Please copy the following Submission Teams as well.

PDM Evaluation Team Membership:

A list of individuals who participated in reviews, discussions, or provided critiques or analysis of the submitted specification.

Member Organization eMail

 Heini Aarela



 Ed Barkmeyer



 Pranab K. Baruah



 Russ Claus



 David Flater  NIST  dflater@nist.gov
 Ron Hare  GE Aircraft Engines  Ron.Hare@ae.ge.com

 Rohinton Irani

 GE Corp., R&D


 Mattias Johansson  Eurostep  mattias.johansson@share-a-space.com

 Larry L. Johnson



 Uwe Kaufmann

 Fraunhofer IPK


 Kiminobu Kodama  MASP Consortium  kodamak@acm.org

 Manfred Koethe

 Iona Technologies


 Susumu Kubo

 MASP Consortium


 Lutz Lämmer (Chair)  ProSTEP  laemmer@prostep.de
 Greg Saul  Boeing  Gregory.W.Saul@Boeing.Com

 Mitch Silverman



 Steve Waterbury  NASA  steve.waterbury@gsfc.nasa.gov

 Ilan Weitzer

 Ford Motor Co.


 Bernd Wenzel



Submission Evaluation

Submission Evaluation Procedures


Date Item
18-June-2000 Revised Submission Due:
   JPDM Revised Submission: mfg/2001-06-02
Danvers Meeting
Evaluation Team Meeting (Minutes)
Presentation of Submissions to ManTIS
   General Presentation
   Variant Management Presentation
Evaluation Team Meeting
(Evaluation Report Development)
Produced Issue Log
… during Working Group Reports
Recommendation Report Presented to ManTIS
Interim: Danvers - Toronto 
25-July-2001  Cancelled Teleconference
08:00-11:00 PDT
PDM Evaluation Team Teleconference
(Issue Classification, see current Issue Log.)
20-August-2001 Revised Submission Due
mfg/2001-08-03 with IDL in
29-August-2001 Teleconference
Toronto Meeting   
PDM Evalutation Team Meeting. Principle work item for today, Tuesday and Thursday will by harmonizing the four representations (see 20010829 Teleconfc)
PDM Evalutation Team Meeting.
(See Monday for agenda)
PDM Evaluation Team Report
13:00 – 17:00
PDM Evalutation Team Meeting.
(See Monday for agenda)
Interim: Toronto-Dublin 
 To be established.  
   Dublin Meeting   
November 2001 –Detail Schedule not established. Vote to Recommend Adoption


Issue Identification and Resolution

7 February 2002 – The Anaheim  Meeting (January, 2002)

All the submitters have withdrawn from the submission process.

Evaluation work on the submission  has ceased

24 September 2001 – The Toronto Meetings (September, 2001)

A series of three meetings were held in Toronto. The principal goal was to synchronize the four submission documents:

An over-arching result of the meeting is to switch the roles of what is now called the submission and the convenience document. It has become impossible to keep the submission document consistent because so many different aspects of the changes affect the same sections of the specification. It is more straight-forward (and understandable) to fold the changes in as we go and resolve any collisions there. The submission document will then become "Informative", providing the design intent of the various changes. (We will try to keep the change instructions up to date the best we can, however.)

Notes from Toronto:

29 August 2001

20010829 Teleconference:

It was decided that the major work item for Toronto will be to Haromonize the Four Representations of the Specification:

Other Issues will be worked as well. See the Toronto Agenda for details. (the agenda link always points to the agenda of the next meeting, so this link will be obsolete after 17-Sep-2001)

20 August 2001

The following documents were posted

Two of the documents are special:

-03 is the official PDMEv2 submission for the 3wk-rule for Toronto.
-05 is its corresponding IDL. (Juergen will provide the doc number).

mfg/2001-08-01 is an "officiation" of the draft that was on the mfg web site. I'll update the web pages later this week.

mfg/2001-08-02 is essentially the submission except it still has the change bars so you can see what's going on.

I think you'll like what David Flater did to the compliance section, as well as Ed Barkmeyer's consolidation of the BOMquery material with the changes made to PdmPartStructureDefinition to accommodate PdmVariantManagement. Cleans up the document considerably. I apologize, but I wasn't able to chase out *all* the unresolved references, though we made good progress. Don't bother to log additional issues on unresolved references or field codes... we know they're there & are working on them.

I'll post the latest & greatest Evaluation Issue Log later this week.

The following is a summary of the modifications to the Document and Issue Log.

Folded in Ed Barkmeyer's rework of BOMQ and PdmProductStructureDefinition Mods for Variant Mangement sections.

This resolves the following Issues:

Folded in Dave Flater's "Compliance Points, Version 0.98" except the following that were fixed via Ed's rework of BOMQ and Variant Management changes to PdmProductStructureDefinition:

This resolves the following Issues:

Issue 82: Compliance point statements are necessary but missing from the current document -- Was claimed to be resolved by Issue 125, but is not. This issue requires the statement of each vendor as to what compliance points he is to implement.

Issue 70: Concept of a NullContext is not at all explained.

DWF 2001-08-14> What we have here is a failure to incorporate.

Revised Text:

The following Revised Text from JPDM Issue 84, marked as

Incorporated/Accepted, needs to be incorporated:


It's incorporated now... Really... I mean it. I don't know what happened.... ... Wait! I know! It musta been another quirk in Word! That's my story & I'm stickin' to it.

Other Document Changes:

Other Issue Log Changes

New Issues:

New Issue 136: The attribute name lists in BOMQueryXML (product_class_attributes, part_master_attributes, part_revision_attributes) should *not* be Property_Sets

The attribute name lists in BOMQueryXML (product_class_attributes, part_master_attributes, part_revision_attributes) should *not* be Property_Sets. They are only lists of attribute/property *names*; no function ever stuffs property values into them! I have the impression that these things may want to have the AttributeNames datatype from the Query and Retrieval modules, but those are "qualified names", and I don't know whether these need to be.

Assigned to Ed.

New Issue 137: BOMQuery Operations need Exceptions

The exception for inadequate constraints when need_exact is TRUE is not defined, nor does either BOMQuery operation contain a "raises" clause.

Assigned to Ed.

New Issue 138: Inheritance in Section "New PdmProductStructureDefinition Interfaces" needs to be fixed.

The text in Section "New PdmProductStructureDefinition Interfaces" needs to be fixed to implement the disposition of ConfigurationItem that David Flater and I believe was the last set of directions from Bernd. It makes ConfigurationItem inherit from AbstractionControlledElement, and moves the inheritance from ManagedEntity and Qualifiable "up" to ProductStructureElement.

Assigned to Ed.

New Issue 139: DesignStructure compliance point not defined.

Related to Issue 132.

Assigned to Mitch.

New Issue 140: Compliance Point, "WorkFlowIntegration", Depends on PDME V1.4

The Compliance point "WorkFlowIntegration" depends on the acceptance of PDME V1.4. Impacts the section, "Compliance Points" where it list the "WorkFlowIntegration" compliance point in the table, and the section, "Compliance Point Clarifications" where it mentions the exception WorkflowIntegrationNotSupported.

Assigned to David

New Issue 141: CORBA::NO_IMPLEMENT used in Appendix A Example Code for Use of Authorization & Connection Services

We have expunged the exception from the IDL.

Assigned to David

New Issue 142: CORBA::NO_IMPLEMENT used in Section, "IDL"

The ORB Tests probably need to be rerun.

Assigned to David

7 August 2001

Revised Submission: Revision 20010807-1500

Issue Log: Revision: 20010807-1500

Interim draft, available for a short time by request: mailto:larry.johnson@mscsoftware.com

Changes Since 20 July 2001

Note: IDL Changes in Sections:

Issue Resolution/Changes through Document Modification

Resolutions incorporated

Issue 11: Editorial problems with the BOM Query section

Of note to check are:

* Added description of use_baseline as using the specified_pdm_context for selection of the baseline.

Profile Issues:

Issue 13:

Issue 20: Reformat Profile sections(retrieval & attribute)

Issue 21:

Issue 30:

Issue 98:

Issues Resolved with no change in Document

Issue Changes:

NEW Issues:

Other Changes:

20 July 2001

Approximately 115 additional issues were received from three sources. These have been merged with the remaining outstanding issues of the JPDM Submitters' Issue Log to form the initial ManTIS PDM Submission Evaluation Issue Log.

Between Danvers and Toronto the Submission Team will work to resolve all issues.

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