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PPE Organization

The PPE Work Group was chartered by the ManTIS to develop standardized interfaces for software systems supporting design and analysis of products and the processes and facilities used to make them. The scope of this effort encompasses engineering throughout the product and process lifecycle.

The activity of the group will include (but is not limited to) developing specifications for the following types of manufacturing systems and their related interfaces and functions.

CAD CAM CAE Finite Element Analysis
Part/Product Catalog Part/Process Classification PDM Plant Design/Engineering
Process Engineering Process Modeling/Simulation Product Configuration Mgmt Product Simulation

The group's charter may be viewed at mfg/98-06-08.

Work Group CoChairs:

Russell Claus
NASA Glenn
Larry L. Johnson
MSC.Software Corporation

Contact Information:

The PPE Work Group may be contacted via e-mail at mfg_ppe@omg.org


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13 March 2004

Current Work

See Also: Current Work in Product Data Management (PDM)

Semiconductor Work Items

Paris, June 2003

The SEMI Information Control Committee has standardized a number of specifications within their consortium. A number of SEMI members would like to align these specification with OMG's MOF and XMI. A presentation on this can be found at mantis/2003-06-04

Hideaki Ogihara is going to draft an RFI and potentially start crafting an RFP at the same time

The proposed tentative schedule for RFI and RFP was discussed, most likely date for issuance is:

Fred Waskiewiz of OMG volunteered to support the advertisement of the RFI by recruiting interested parties by providing his contacts to semiconductor industry Milos Gedosov of Logon Techn. (European OMG representative) will support by distributing the RFI to interested companies in Europe

The work in Semiconductor may eventuall fall under a more general initiative,RTESS/Mantis Control Systems Working Group

Knowledge Based Engineering RFI

Responses are currently being solicited.

In an effort led by Ram Sriram of NIST, ManTIS issued a Request for Information during its meeting in Burlingame CA, 30 January 2003. The RFI is OMG Document mantis/2003-01-01

Click here for the schedule and listing of responses.

The response deadline is currently listed as 12 May 2003. This deadline will be moved in the Paris meeting (June 2003). Delays were introduced during the "changing of the chairs". We will post schedule changes here.

CAD Services V2.0 RFP

Click Here for schedule and details.

[Note: The schedule on the web site currently reflects the same date for Initial and Final Submission. This anomaly is being checked out... llj 21-June-2003]
Status: Issued in Helsinki Finland, October 2002. LOI's and the Voting List are open, one LOI has been submitted. The Schedule of the RFP was reformed in the Anaheim Meeting, February 2004

Anaheim Meeting, February 2004

Paris Meeting, June 2003

RFP Origins

Under the leadership of Russel Claus (Russell.W.Claus@grc.nasa.gov) of NASA Glenn and Mikhail Kazakov (m-kazakov@eads.matradatavision.com) of OpenCascade, the ManTIS PPE WG authored a Request for Proposal (RFP) for CAD Services V2.0 interfaces. The RFP was issued in the Helsinki Meeting, 4 October 2002

This RFP was originally titled the "Solid Modeling" RFP, but was found to mention solid modeling only once. Over the course of its development the RFP has become an extension of CAD Services V1.0 that enables the use of "arbitrary" algorithmic services of CAD systems. These services may well be related to Solid Modeling, but are not restricted to it.

Joint RTESS/ManTIS Control Systems Working Group Formation

Paris, June 2003

In a meeting with the RTESS group, the formation of the Control Systems WG was further discussed. It became apparent, that there are a number of similarities between the problem statements from Semiconductor Production Control and general Manufacturing Control Systems. It was left to further discussion in Boston whether it would be recommended to join these activities. Both groups will draft their own RFIs by August 18 (2 week to Boston). The September meeting in Boston then can be used to discuss this issue.

Washington DC, November 2002

Joint RTESS and ManTIS Meeting – Lars-Ola Österlund and Sumeet Malhotra made presentations on the SCADA architecture, which is prevalent in control systems for electrical utilities. (Lars-Ola's presentation can be found at mantis/2002-11-02). Ricardo Sanz provided a presentation: HRTC - Towards Hard Real Time CORBA (realtime/2002-11-19). Ricardo reviewed how he sees current state of CORBA technology rela-tive to the field of control systems and laid out the groundwork for establishing a working group to work the issue of using CORBA to do RT for Control Systems.

There was a consensus that a joint RTESS/ManTIS Control Systems Working Group should be formed. Some time was spent "wordsmithing" the proposed charter (realtime/2002-11-20). RTESS chartered their working group in this Washington DC meeting. Due to sparse attendance, ManTIS elected to defer forming the group until the Burlingame meeting in January 2003.

Historical Data Access from Industrial Systems RFP

Washington DC Meeting, November 2002

HDAIS Submission Evaluation Lars-Ola Österlund reviewed ABB's HDAIS submission. Carol Burt of the Architecture Board was present and made a number of suggestions, expressing her opinion that these were all suggestions that could be accommodated in the Finalization Task Force for the specification. The presentation can be found at mantis/2002-11-01.

Subsequently, the submission was approved by the Task Force as well as the Architecture Board. The technology is now under vote by the Domain Technical Committee. The RFP and its progress through the OMG Process can be followed at http://www.omg.org/techprocess/meetings/schedule/HDAIS_RFP.html

Design Component Whitepaper

Current Draft: mfg/2001-09-01

Under the leadership of Mikhail Kazakov of OpenCascade, the ManTIS PPE WG is authoring a white paper on design components. The editors are:

Members are urged to review and contribute to the whitepaper.

21-October-2002, Helsinki

Chairs' Note: We haven't seen much progress on this workitem for a while. We will address in Washington DC as to whether this is to be continued as a workitem. It must be noted that the editors have been working on the CAD Services V2.0 RFP (issued in Helsinki, October 2002)

Work Item Selection and Roadmap Work

PDM Enablers V2.0 is being recast into the emerging ManTIS MDA Framework and CAD Services V1.0 has been adopted as available technology. Consequently PPE WG resources are being freed to work the Roadmap and select the next PPE WG Work Item.

(November 2002 ) - Washington DC Meeting

Knowledge Based Engineering Initiative – Ram Sriram of NIST gave a presentation on KBE activities at NIST. (NIST is administering the FIPER Advanced Technology Program (ATP). ATP is a series of cost-share technical programs funded by the US Government. The presentation can be found at mantis/2002-11-04.

It was decided that the initiative should begin with a Request for Information (RFI). Ram Sriram authored an initial draft for discussion. The Draft RFI is mantis/2002-11-05. The goal is to discuss the RFI by telecon and eMail and try to have a final draft for the 3-week rule for Burlingame (6-January-2003). There were also discussions concerning a possible Knowledge Based Engineering Workshop in March to discuss the RFI and responses. The meeting could be co-located with the Orlando meeting, though some felt that many of the involved parties were on the US East Coast and it may be better to have the workshop at NIST, for example. It was pointed out that March may be a bit early if we want to have RFI responses in front of us because we will need to allow reasonable time for advertising the RFI and for respondents to complete their comments/documents. It was felt that the 24-28 March 2003 Meeting in Orlando is the earliest that RFI Response Evaluations could be made. Ram Sriram of NIST said he had an extensive list of "players" in the KBE arena and would supply a list that OMG staff could use to solicit responses.

(24 June 2002 ) - Orlando Meeting

Presentation and Discussion of Potential Work Items in Knowledge Based Engineering

A presentation of exploring possible OMG KBE Standards was made by Jon Balgley, CTO, Engineering Intent Corp. jbalgley@engineeringintent.com. The following are rough notes from that presentation. The slides of the presentation can be found in OMG Document mfg/2002-06-03

KBE Common Characteristics and Components (across the industry). Some of these characteristics suggests candidates for standard interfaces:

Relevant work at Engineering Intent

Why a KBE Standard?

Possible respondents:

End User Supporters

(7 February 2002 ) - Anaheim Meeting

The Following Potential Work Items were discussed. See the Anaheim Roadmap Discussions for details.

(22 September 2001 - Toronto Meeting)

Past Activities

CAD Services V1.0 RFP (Issued RFP) Adopted Technology

The "CAD Service V1.0 RFP" was issued by the Domain Technology Committee in its plenary session in Oslo, 16 June 2000.

Status: CAD Services V1.0 is Available Technology

The Board of Directors of the OMG approved the CAD Services 1.0 FTF Report in the Orlando Meeting, June 2002. The technology is now through it's final wicket. Many thanks to all who participated with particular thanks to Russ Claus, Submission Editor and FTF Chair.

The JCAD Submission passed approval by the Board of Directors, 20 September 2001 as Adopted Technology.

The JCAD Submission (mfg/2001-06-03 as ammended by Errata mfg/2001-07-09) was voted out of Task Force, entering the Domain Technology Committee 10 week (maximum) voting process on 13 July 2001. A CAD Finalization Task Force was chartered the same day contingent on approval of technology by the DTC and the OMG Board of Directors.


The Danvers Meeting (July 2001) was the "Evaluation" (first) meeting in which the CAD Services V1.0 Revised Submission (mfg/2001-06-03) was considered. An appropriate "Vote-to-Vote" was requested by one of the submitters. The "Vote-to-Vote" was scheduled in a published, timely agenda, meeting all requirements for such a vote. Without the success of this vote, the Task Force could not consider a vote on the technology until Toronto. The motion requires 3/4 of those present from the voting list to carry (subject to quorum)

Based on the recommendations of the ManTIS CAD Submission Evaluation Team, the adoption proceeded as follows:

The Vote-to-Vote passed 9-0-0 in a Voting List Role Call Vote.

Since the Vote-to-Vote passed, a vote on the CAD Services Submission can be taken in this meeting rather than waiting until Toronto.

Motion by Russ Claus, NASA, to Vote to Recommend JCAD Submission for Issuance (mfg/2001-06-03 with Errata mfg/2001-07-09)

The Technology was recommended for adoption by 8-0-1 in a Voting List Role Call Vote.

In Domain Technology Committee Plenary on Friday, the DTC "10-week" eMail/FAX vote was initiated.

A CAD Services V2.0 Finalization Task Force was chartered contingent on acceptance by the DTC and the Board of Directors.

Objectives of this RFP

This RFP solicits proposals for Mechanical Computer Aided Design (CAD) system interfaces that enable the interoperability of CAD, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools. The aim is to provide users of design and engineering systems the ability to seamlessly integrate, best-in-class, software across a wide variety of CAD/CAM and CAE applications through CORBA interfaces. These standard interfaces enable a distributed product design environment that includes a variety of CAD systems.

This RFP focuses on establishing Mechanical CAD system interfaces that provide Geometry and Topology data to Analysis and Manufacturing applications and tools. The intent is to establish a series of high level engineering interfaces that do not require low-level data structures to answer mechanical engineering queries. The balance between low-level and high-level interfaces is not specified in this RFP and is left to the judgement of the respondents.

The intent is to expose the existing CAD functionality through high level functional and operational interfaces. These interfaces should complement existing standards such as STEP. This RFP addresses the following aspects of CAD systems:

JCAD Orlando Initial Submission Presentation & Report, December 2000

In Orlando, the Joint CAD Services V1.0 Submission Team (JCAD) presented it's Initial Submission to the Task Force and participated in a number of joint meetings with the JPDM team to synchronize issues and dependencies between the two emerging standards.

Kickoff Meeting

This effort was started at a meeting hosted by Ford Motor Company on 29 July 1999 to investigate the possibility of promulgating standard interfaces to Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools for use by Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) systems. Under consideration for a roadmap of such standards is an early undertaking of an RFP for access to Attributed Geometry and Topology with future expansion to Feature-Oriented Semantics.

Participants: (People attending are listed in the minutes)


The meeting primary goal was to explore the need for industry standard interfaces for CAD & CAE systems. More specifically: -

The Minutes of the meeting are available as OMG Document mfg/1999-08-03.

ManTIS RFI #4, Product & Process Engineering

The PPE RFI was approved by the Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Task Force and released by the Domain Technology Committee in the Philadelphia TC Meeting in January 1999. The RFI can be found as OMG Document mfg/1999-02-02. This RFI has been closed to responses. The PPE WG is evaluating the responses for its Roadmap. (Note: the responses have already generated a technology item… the PPE Working Group has issued the CAD Services V1.0 RFP through the Domain Technology Committee.)

Responses Received to Date:

  1. mfg/1999-06-02: "Use Cases Describing Interoperation between Product Documentation and Product Data,"
    Submitter: University of Huddersfield.
    Submission Contact: Ann M Wrightson, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, Department of Interactive Technology, School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Huddersfield Queensgate Tel: (01484) 472635 Huddersfield Fax: (01484) 421106 HD1 3DH UK. Received 27 May 1999.
  2. mfg/1999-06-03: "NAFEMS Contribution to the OMG Product and Process Engineering (PPE) RFI#4 (OMG Document: mfg/1999-02-02),"
    Submitter: NAFEMS.
    Submission Contact: Mike Fox (GKN Technology Ltd). Received 29 June 1999.
  3. mfg/1999-07-01: "Simulation Assessment Validation Environment (SAVE) Team Response to Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Task Force Request for Information #4 Product and Process Engineering (PPE),"
    Submitter: Simulation Assessment Validation Environment (SAVE) Program.
    Submission Contacts: Paul Cole and Marcia Herndon of Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems. Received 2 July 1999.
  4. mfg/1999-08-04: "Standards for the Collaborative Design Enterprise,"
    Submitter: NIST (Engineering Design Technologies Group of the Manufacturing Systems Integration Division of the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology).
    Submission Contact: Ram D. Sriram. Received 30 July 1999.
  5. mfg/1999-11-02: "NASA Use Case Specification,"
    Submitter: NASA
    Submission Contact: Russell Claus. Received 12 November 1999.
  6. mfg/2000-03-02: "Electric Boat Response to the PPE RFI"
    Submitter: General Dynamics Electric Boat
    Submission Contact: Tabitha Hitchcock. Received 7 March 1999.

RFI Response Presentations

The SAVE consortium presented their RFI Response at the San Jose meeting in August 1999. The presentation was well received and resulted in lively discussion. The SAVE work together with interest from the NIIIIP SMART consortium is beginning a new entry on the ManTIS Roadmap, the "Virtual Manufacturing RFP". The presentation can be found in OMG Document mfg/1999-08-07. A synopsis of the presentation can be found in the ManTIS Plenary Minutes from San Jose (mfg/1999-08-05)

NAFEMS and NIST presented their RFI responses at the Cambridge meeting in November 1999. NIST's Response (mfg/1999-11-08) was presented by Ram Sriram. NAFEMS' Response (mfg/1999-11-09) was preented by David Leal

NASA presented its RFI response at the Mesa Meeting in January 2000. The NASA response is closely related to the current work item, Mechanical CAD Interfaces for CAE RFP.

General Dynamics presented its Response at the Denver Meeting in March 2000. Click here for the presentation.

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