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The Current ManTIS Roadmap is Version 5.3
OMG Document mfg/2001-06-06

Road Map Working Group Organization

The ManTIS Road Map serves as a plan and schedule for activity conducted by the OMG's Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Task Force (ManTIS). It identifies categories of activity and specific work items within those categories; lists expected work item deliverables; and provides a schedule for work items. It also records the history of Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Task Force activity.

The ManTIS Roadmap is a "living" Document:  In Irvine CA, February 2001, the task force has "institutionalized" the Roadmap work by adding a "standing" agenda item for ManTIS Plenaries. A minimum of 15 minutes will be devoted in each plenary to review of the roadmap and suggestions for its update. Updates will be applied after every meeting. No votes will be required to approve unless a specific issue arises that requires it. This will improve the timliness and accuracy of our Roadmap

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Claude Baudoin
Russell Claus

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The RoadMap Work Group may be contacted via e-mail at mfg_roadmap@omg.org


(7 February 2002)

Current Work

Roadmap Discussions in Anaheim, January 2002

The Following Potential Work Items were discussed.

Knowledge Based Engineering RFPs

GE Aircraft has an ATP program, "Federated Intelligent Product Environment," which has an interest in standardizing Knowledge Based Engineering interfaces at the OMG.

The program includes design optimization, collaborating with suppliers. They have a design of a combustor to be scaled. The scaling has a ripple effect among the vendors who use different CAD tools. They have worked out a sharing of geometry & topology between two tools to allow rapid changes in components as the design of the assembly is changed (parametrically). Using CAD services to exchange.

Goal is to reduce cycle time from a month to 15 minutes for a design change.

Other activities involving optimization, distributed computation w/JINI & other environments. ESI is their software commercialization vendor. They have demonstrated the services concept in their optimization software.

The consortium partners are:

The consortium is interested in working an RFP in Knowledge Based Engineering. Potentially interested parties in addition are:

Rohinton Irani is leading the effort. The plan is for him to make a presentation on the KBE effort in Orlando (June 2002). The presentation will kick-off a formative team meeting and the start of the RFP in Orlando.

Design Components Whitepaper

The Design Components Whitepaper is a current work item. The current draft of the paper is mfg/2001-09-01, "Draft: Design Component Whitepaper". A presentation accompanying the paper is available at mfg/01-09-02, "Design Components Presentation".

PDM Enablers RFP’s under MDA

Much of the loss of momentum of the PDM Enablers V2.0 development is attributable to its "old style" orientation, requiring a CORBA implementation and only a CORBA implementation. The next step in the pursuit of PDM standards is to build on the V2.0 work to date in crafting MDA oriented RFPs.

Additionally, there’s a perception that these standards efforts take too long. By the time we deliver it’s two late… 1-2 yrs to define and 1 yr to implement is too long. We need to define releases in smaller units of functionality in order to lower our cycle-time.

Furthermore, We need to be able to participate when the market demand will mature. We are behind the maturity right now instead of in front of it. We need to get ahead. We can’t tell the customer he needs the PDM Enablers & then tell him to wait 2-1/2 years to get them.

We intend to use the current PDMEv2 UML as a "Master Platform Independent Model (PIM)". From there we will subset the Master PIM into "Scoping PIMs" for particular RFPs in order to keep the RFP's cycle time low. This will allow us to specify small RFPs that will not semantically collide with one another and will be quickly specifiable and implementable. It was noted that in such a scenario the mappings of overlapping portions to a particular Platform Specific Model (PSM) must be the same.

We may have copyright issues in reusing the PDMEv2 PIM. Larry Johnson will check with staff to see what the ramifications of this are.

CORBAscript for CAD Services

Potentially interested parties in the RFP are:

Estimated start for the RFP: January 2003

Geometry Tagging

Many things need to be associated with geometry.

End-User Candidates

Vendor Candidates

The current plan is to start the RFP at the Washington DC meeting, November 02. The goal is to issue the RFP at the 2nd Meeting in 2003.

Boolean Operations for CAD Services

Currently we have no geometric operations on the Boolean level… we work on the level of creating/modifying geometric entities. Boolean operations is a natural extension of CAD services.

Potentially interested parties in the RFP are:

Estimated start for the RFP: January 2003

3D Modeling for CAD Services

3D modeling goes Beyond Boolean Operations. Mikhail Kazakov of OpenCascade is a proponent of this work item, but was not present to supply details.

Execution Plan

Invite prospects to June meeting in Orlando. Start telephone solicitation & targeted email by May 1. Russ will coordinate. The Orlando meeting will also be the focus of the FIPER projects interests. This will provide synergy and *draw*.

There was a suggestion for a CAD services Plug Fest this year in September (Helsinki). To be coordinated by Uwe and Russ.

Roadmap Discussions in Toronto, September 2001

Much of the roadmap discussion was held in the context of the PPE Working Group (see their minutes at the end of this document).

Between Toronto and Dublin, details will be collected to properly prepare the next version of the Roadmap.

Roadmap Discussions in Danvers, July 2001

Manufacturing Process Planning Enabler (MPPE RFP)

As a result of the Irvine Meeting (Irvine Minutes), Bernd Wenzel and Susumu Kubo of the MASP Consortium got together to compare the Series Product Bill of Materials (SPBOM) model with the PDM Enablers V2.0 Specification (as currently defined by the submission team). A candidate work item for extension of the PDM Enablers was identified.

Manufacturing Process Planning Enabler (MPPE RFP)

Design Components

Originally identified as a work item in the Paris Meeting (April 2001), Gilles Débarbouillé of Open Cascade provided a presentation on the extension of the CAD Services Specification.

The CAD Services Specification is missing an intermediate API. It currently has only low level & very high level functions. A Design Component is specifically a mechanical design piece or aspect.

A problem is that in using object oriented technology, algorithms which produce two or more items require multiple calls to get each. This approach would allow both to be created once & not re-created again. The approach could also be used in PDM Enablers in BOM & Retrievals.

This is a candidate Product & Process Engineering Working Group (PPE WG) work item.

Roadmap Discussions in Paris (April 2001)

Three Roadmap Items, two possible future RFP’s and a Whitepaper, were identified for follow on activities to the CAD.

  1. Visualization – need a standard mechanism for integration of 3D viewers. Eurostep will also be interested in participating in this RFP initiative. Will need Coordination with the Digital Asset Management SIG.
  2. Design components – 2 main goals: 1) divide operating part of CAD systems into reusable layers (Berkley is interested in doing research in this area) and define interfaces on the layers; 2) define a component framework for the computational part of CAD/CAM software.
  3. Mikhail will write a white paper on Design Components.

Past Activities

Previous Road Map Versions

MES/MC Roadmap Activities

The MES/MC Working Group was dissolved in Danvers, July 2001 (see the Minutes).

The MES/MC Working Group was working their Roadmap at time of dissolution. Click here for more information.

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