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At the 2000-12-14 meeting in Orlando, the Testability Work Group was formed by white ballot with the following manifesto and charter.


The value of OMG standards is in reducing the cost of achieving and maintaining interoperability.  Conformance is not interoperability.  However, standards are more effective at reducing this cost if they provide sufficient constraints to enable compliance to be unambiguously assessed.


The Testability Work Group will seek to improve the testability of ManTIS standards through collaboration with RFP development teams, submitter teams, RTFs, FTFs, and the Test SIG, and maintain documentation on the methods used to improve testability.  This work is aimed at making ManTIS standards more effective at reducing the cost of achieving and maintaining interoperability.

Work group co-chairs

David Flater

Contact information

The Testability Work Group may be contacted via e-mail at mfg_test@omg.org.


7 February 2002

Current work

Testability White Paper

The Testability White Paper documents the approach to improving the testability of domain standards that is being tried within the Manufacturing Domain Task Force.  A more user-friendly introduction to the ideas contained therein can be found in the archived presentation, mfg/2000-08-06.  Feedback on the white paper may be emailed to David Flater at dflater@nist.gov, or better yet, brought up for discussion at a meeting of the Test SIG.

CAD Services PlugFest

CAD Services V1.0 implementations are emerging. Russell Claus of NASA has two alpha implementations of CAD services on his computer. One implemented by EDS's UG over its CAD system, and the other written by TranscenData over Parametric Technology Corporation's (PTC's) ProE CAD system. The iViP Consortium ( whose focus is the German Automotive Industry) reports that it has has implemented CAD Services over CADDY++ (a 3D feature modeler from CADsys), AutoCAD, and Pro/E.

Given this the Testability Working Group is targeting the Helsinki meeting in September 2002 for a PlugFest where vendors will come with their implemenations of CAD Services clients and servers and test their interoperability.

Russell Claus of NASA and Uwe Kaufmann of Fraunhofer IPK will pursue the organization of the PlugFest.

PDM Enablers Testability Enhancements

Work is underway to apply the testability white paper to PDM Enablers in both the PDM Enablers 1.4 Revision Task Force and the PDM Enablers 2.0 joint submitter team (a.k.a. JPDM).  So far, this has included:

Most of this work occurs in OMG mailing lists and unpublished working documents.  Please email dflater@nist.gov to request specific information.

PDM Enablers Implementors' Forum

A workshop to establish the PDM Enablers Implementors' Forum (PDME-IF) was hosted by Fraunhofer IPK in Berlin, Germany, 2001-02-01 and 2001-02-02, collocated with the JPDM Submitters' Meeting (2001-01-28 to 2001-01-31).  In brief, the PDME-IF agreed to pursue the following work items:

For additional detail on the first meeting, see the presentation http://doc.omg.org/mfg/2001-04-02.

Past activities

Experimental PDM Enablers conformance tests -- March 1999

The Testability White Paper came out of the experience and lessons learned from an experiment in developing conformance tests for an early version of PDM Enablers.  Two simple tests of the PdmDocumentManagement module and one rather large test of PdmProductStructureDefinition were generated using some STEP PDM Schema test data and additional toolage.  Most significant among the toolage was pdms2pdme, which transformed PDM Schema data into PDM Enablers calls using an Express-X mapping.

The tests and the mapping are now quite obsolete, but they served their dual purpose:

For more information about the PDM conformance testing, please refer to the web page of the TIMS project at NIST.

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