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Adaptive provides the most comprehensive data governance, enterprise architecure and metadata management platform available today.

Information and Knowledge, though routinely misaligned, remains the lifeblood of every organization. It is essential today to know and, more importantly, understand how critical data (Big Data and/or Small Data) moves through your enterprise. Enterprise organizations collect and analyze their data based on many variables including customer, market conditions, business processes and empirical experience. Data is then cataloged, stored and analyzed. But is the data correct? Where did it come from? Who is the owner of the data being analyzed? Who has touched this data? How did it ultimately arrive in its present form? How can I verify this data?

In planning for future operations means trusting your data analytics. The wrong interpretation or incorrect data can ultimately mean disaster for an enterprise.

Adaptive offers standards-based solutions that help organizations better align their valuable information by supporting specific management challenges including Data Governance, Data Quality, Metadata Management, Enterprise Architecture Management and IT Portfolio Management while ensuring Knowledge is retained as systems evolve.

Adaptive is a global company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. A market leader with a long history of helping complex organizations adapt to and support the rapidly changing business and IT environments, which are driven by the ever increasing demands of compliance, regulatory pressures and governance requirements, Adaptive provides innovative solutions that enable enterprises and alliance partners to configure the platform to their specific use cases based on out-of-the box standard based metamodels, templates and industry specific content.

Product/Service Description: Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Managerâ„¢ (EAM) is a robust knowledge repository solution for organizing, integrating and analyzing information describing the key elements of an enterprise. Adaptive EAM captures the full scope of the Enterprise Architecture, from strategic intent to business processes to enabling resources. Adaptive EAM is being used by some of the world’s largest organizations and federal government agencies to: - Capture strategic intent and ensure it is understood throughout the enterprise - Develop Enterprise Architectures that align business and IT strategies, processes and resources as the foundation for aligned, synchronized and accelerated business transformation. Adaptive EAM is a truly web-based application, so is easy to deploy and maintain in large, highly dispersed enterprises, providing enterprise-wide access to strategy and architecture models.
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