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Company Overview: Burton Group Research and Advisory Services enable you to make informed IT architecture and infrastructure decisions. With Burton Group, you can leverage existing and emerging technologies more effectively and reduce risks in the most complex IT environments. Burton Group focuses exclusively on infrastructure technologies relating to application platforms, collaboration and content, identity management, network and telecom, and security and risk management. We sift through the expanse of information and budding technologies and provide stake-in-the-ground recommendations—freeing you to focus on infrastructure. This allegiance to the enterprise technologist stems from our mission to produce in-depth and independent research—created by technologists, for technologists.
Product/Service Description: Application Platform Strategies to plan application architecture, build reusable applications, manage application integration, leverage service-oriented architecture (SOA), and address policy and governance issues. Collaboration and Content Strategies to plan and optimize collaboration and content infrastructure and comprehensively manage the content lifecycle. Identity and Privacy Strategies to plan identity architecture and provisioning, manage the identity lifecycle, and address privacy and policy issues. Network and Telecom Strategies to plan network architecture, build network infrastructure, and manage converged communications, such as, VoIP, wireless, and mobility. Security and Risk Management Strategies to plan security architecture, build security infrastructure, address compliance issues, and manage threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.
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Sales Contact Phone: +1.801.566.2880
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