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Company Overview: Founded in 1998, M.E.T.A., Inc. is a boutique software consulting firm specializing in architecture and engineering competencies for large scale, mission critical enterprise business systems. We have intentionally differentiated ourselves from the dime-a-dozen contracting companies by bringing architectural integrity to our clients, rather than technologies and tools du jour. We believe in the use of sound engineering discipline for streamlining software delivery over the use of wonder technologies.
Product/Service Description: Archuation™ is an unique tool that brings you into the world of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and engineering discipline. It is an architecture authoring tool and transformation engine that can generate detailed technical designs and code from high level UML models created in any Eclipse/EMF based modeling tool. Archuation™ significantly streamlines and revolutionizes software delivery, resulting in extraordinarily high quality software at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. It can be used to improve off shore delivery methods or to eliminate the need to use them altogether. While Archuation™ can process any UML Profile, it comes with perhaps the industry's simplest, yet essentially robust Profile that handles distributed, n-tier, component based architectures consisting of Presentation, Business, Data, and Service layers, which comprise a full scale service oriented architecture (SOA). The reference architectures that come bundled produce the complete database structure and data access logic, as well as the application architecture for both the business tier and presentation tier code Furthermore, it generates 100% of the service layer, including Web Services and other remote channel layers (e.g., EJB, CORBA, ...).
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