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Company Overview: The Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division is a leading supplier of embedded software development tools, Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOSs) and services to more than 50,000 users worldwide. The company's software development tools include the EDGE UML Suite, Debugger, Profiler, and the optimizing Nucleus(r) C/C++ Compilers. The tools can be used individually or together with commercial and proprietary RTOSs to develop complex, real-time embedded applications that have superior quality, and are right the first time.
Product/Service Description: The EDGE UML Suite is one of the most comprehensive set of tools for the development of real-time embedded systems using MDA, providing an integrated solution for all software-development activities, from high-level design using UML/MDA to on-target debugging at the source or model level. The EDGE UML Suite has been proven in many real-time applications ranging from highly demanding systems such as launch vehicles, life-critical medical systems, fault-tolerant telecom systems, and resource-constrained consumer electronics to distributed, discrete-event HLA simulation systems. Real-time applications need to be deterministic, carry a small footprint, and be optimized for execution performance. The EDGE UML Suite delivers tight, fast, and efficient code from UML models for today's complex real-time applications.
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