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Company Overview: Metamaxim Ltd. is a UK based company specializing in the use of executable modeling techniques for model validation in the context of agile development processes.
Product/Service Description: Metamaxim provides and supports the ModelScope model execution tool, which allows the creation and execution of business level behavior models. Using ModelScope, the behavior of business objects and processes is captured as state models and then executed directly by interpretation. Models can be built and modified very quickly, as the user interface and persistency mechanisms are provided by the tool without any extra modeling or programming. ModelSope can capture complex behavior and business rules and is suitable for use early in the development lifecycle to explore ideas and to build understanding of requirements and possible solutions. Because it supports incremental modeling, ModelScope is particularly valuable in the context of an agile modeling process to validate behavior before the main spend of software development.
Sales Contact: Ashley McNeile
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Sales Contact Phone: +44 20 7229 3239
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