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Company Overview: ObjectSecurity's mission is to simplify security in the complex IT environments most organisations face today. Our primary focus is secure IT application integration and intuitive central security management. We specialise in trusted SOA, enterprise security policy management, model driven security, secure middleware, and modelling/simulation. We offer software products, solutions, and consulting services.
Product/Service Description: Defining security policies for complex, large IT environments is a difficult, cumbersome, and error-prone task. To make this task easier, ObjectSecurity offers a ground-breaking model-driven security tool chain that allows the automatic generation of expressive security policies from the application UML models. SecureMDA is part of the OpenPMF enterprise security management ecosystem and supports model-driven authorization management. It ties in with the central policy manager. SecureMDA takes Unified Modelling Language (UML) application models (ideally probided by your software engineering team) and turns them into OpenPMF security policies with minimal human intervention. Some security relevant tags (e.g. role assignment) can optionally be added by the security administrator prior to the policy generation or afterwards in the generated policy. These graphical UML models are specified by the application developers as part of the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) software development process. Model driven software engineering simplifies software specification and reduces human errors during software development. But even without MDA, UML models are typically created and maintained as part of a modern software development process. This automated process saves a lot of time and resources, and also minimises the risk of human errors. SecureMDA can be easily integrated in your preferred modelling framework.For example, SecureMDA has successfully been integrated with SecureMiddleware, a sophisticated platform for the development of large scale, mission critical and secure distributed systems. It consists of a CORBA Components (CCM) runtime platform with improved security support and development tools providing tight integration with the OMG Model Driven Architecture. The combination of technologies allows the model-driven, component-based development of secure distributed applications with automatic security policy generation and central security policy management. SecureMDA is a critical building block for TrustedSOA. To keep policies consistent when the SOA infrastructure gets reconfigured.
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