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Company Overview: Outline Systems, Inc. (OUTLINE) is an enterprise software development and services company dedicated to bridging the communication gap between business and IT. We are committed to designing innovative ways to narrow the critical gap between people who understand the business and the people who understand how technology can be applied. Outline Systems Inc. derives its strength from its richly experienced and competent team and has Vertical Domain knowledge in the Insurance, Telecom, Banking & Financial, Govt. and other Industries. We have a blend of the best Technical and Managerial Resources available along with comprehensive Technological Skills. Outline expertise in following: - End to End solutions - Vertical Domain - Forte to Java Conversion - Internet Security - Consulting
Product/Service Description: Outline Systems, Inc. resolves business expectations and much more, through a tangible and unconventional solution - PowerRAD – a rapid application development approach, used to create and develop Web-based Enterprise Solutions. Using PowerRAD, business organizations can empower IT to exceed their business expectations, such as: - Low development costs. - Less time to market the product. - Low maintenance costs. - Better IP protection.
Sales Contact: Bhopan Krishnan
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Sales Contact Phone: 732-537-1234 .ext. 104
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