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"The Architecture of Choice for a Changing World"

Committed Companies and Their Products

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@-portunity E2E Technologies Ltd.'s E2E Bridge Mia-Software's Model-In-Action
Adaptive, Inc. Gentastic's e-GEN MID GmbH's Innovator
Aonix's Ameos M1 Global Solutions' MDE The MOD Group's MDA Services
ARTiSAN's Real-time Studio No Magic Neosight Technologies' BoldExpress Studio
b+m ArchitectureWare Hendryx & Associates Netfective's Blu Age
BITPlan GmbH smartGenerator Herzum Software OCI's MDA Services 
The Borland Approach to MDA IBM's Rational Software Architect ObjectFrontier's FrontierSuite 
CalKey Technologies' Caboom IKV++ GmbH; m2c(tm) Outline Systems Inc.'s PowerRAD
Calytrix Technologies' SIMplicity I-Logix' Rhapsody (Telelogic) Pathfinder Solutions PathMATE
Codagen Technologies; Codagen Architect 3.2 innoQ's iQgen Plastic Software's Agora Plastic 2005
Codeless Technology's Codeless Interactive Objects Software; ArcStyler realMethods Framework
Consortium for Business Object Promotion Kabira Technologies, Inc Select Business Solutions' Select Component Factory
Consyst's REP ++ Studio KnowGravity's CASSANDRA  Softaris Pty. Ltd.: MetaBoss
Compuware OptimalJ Kennedy Carter Ltd: iUML and iCCG SoftMetaWare's Generative Model Transformer project 
Data Access Technologies (DAT) Provides MDA Services LIANTIS XCoder Softeam and Objecteering/UML
David Frankel Consulting  M2VP's MDA Consulting Services CARE Technologies S.A. / SOSY Inc's OlivaNova Model Execution System
Domain Solutions' CodeGenie Mentor Graphics' EDGE UML Suite Sparx Systems
Dot Net Builders' Constructor MetaMatrix Commitment Tata Consultancy Services: MasterCraft
EDCubed's TET Metamaxim's modelscope Telelogic's TAU Generation2
    TechOne's ACE


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Last updated on 05/31/2016

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