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Silver Leap's ACES

To face an ever changing, ever more demanding market, you cannot do without the benefits of J2EE or .NET for the development of your business information systems. But you may wonder whether you and your organization will be able to meet the inevitable challenge of software engineering: building quality applications in the most productive way possible.

Silver Leap brings you one of the most innovative, efficient and complete software engineering solutions, which enables you to successfully overcome these challenges. With Silver Leap's solution, you can build no-compromise, quality applications while experiencing unprecedented productivity - here and now!

Silver Leap offers an integrated software engineering solution for web-based transactional application development, working in conjunction with the Java/J2EE and .NET tools and frameworks. It consists of an MDA compliant enterprise framework suite, a code generator, a documentation generator, and various other utilities. It includes all the tools and components you need to build complete J2EE and .NET web-based applications, taking UML specs as inputs and producing deployable software components.

As described by MDA, development is based around a platform independent model (PIM) captured in UML using tools such as Rational Rose, Magic Draw or other XMI compliant UML modeling tools. Platform specific patterns and best practices are then used to generate platform specific code for of all tiers of the web application. ACES assembles the generated code into software components and deploys a fully functional application to the target platform. Additionally, ACES is built on an open architecture that provides the flexibility necessary to easily customize and extend the generated application to fit your business needs.

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