Member Benefits

OMG Member Benefits

Membership in the Object Management Group® carries many benefits. The OMG staff works energetically to create programs to provide our members with maximum value for their membership dollars. Listed below is a summary of the technical, as well as business and marketing benefits:

Technical Benefits

  • Network with Industry Experts:
    You'll have direct access to industry-leading experts as they work within OMG, developing standards on the topics important to enterprise computing today. Benefit from their knowledge of Best Practices in multiple operational and technology domains. Create and develop critical industry relationships and collaborations.  
  • Influence the Technology Adoption Process:
    All of the OMG specifications - MDA, the UML, the MOF, XMI, the CWM, CORBA, BPMN, SysML, MDMI, and all of our Domain specifications - are adopted at our Technical Meetings held four times each year  at various locations worldwide. By participating in OMG meetings, you and your company will influence future OMG standards and the direction of the next-generation products that implement them, attain competitive advantages, and acquire a significant head start in developing your own implementation of adopted specifications. Current members often comment that attendance at a single OMG meeting carries more value than a full year's worth of reading magazines and reports.
  • Access All OMG Documents and email:
    First look at all OMG-produced specifications, formal documents, books, research reports and Whitepapers. Exclusive access to member discussion documents, OMG's document archive, and its index. Send/receive access to all OMG members-only email lists, and read-only access to their archives. You and your company become part of the entire technology adoption process, from requirements generation to the adoption vote.
    (Trial Members may send to the OMG email lists only during their first year of membership.)
  • Access to myOMG:
    Online access to information such as the email lists to which you are currently subscribed, technical activities of your company such as voting lists subscriptions, submissions, LOI submissions, and any bugs/technical issues you may have reported. You will also find an overview of your organization's primary contacts to the OMG (marketing, voters, billing, etc.). This customizable page also allows you to create a list of frequently visited OMG web pages for easy access. Important "Members Only" pages are also right at your fingertips to help you make the most of your OMG online experience.
  • Liaise With Other Standards Bodies:
    Liaison activities enable members to represent OMG worldwide on distributed computing issues involving The Open Group (including X/Open), Unix International, the Japan Standards Association, ANSI, ISO, Open GIS, ACORD, CableLabs, W3C, Tina-C, the Workflow Management Coalition and other ad hoc consortia.
  • Gain Industry-Wide Recognition:
    OMG recognizes the hard work and honors its most dedicated primary members with achievement awards for driving and facilitating OMG processes.
  • Publish your Work:
    As an active OMG member, you'll become well known for your knowledge and contributions to specific OMG technologies. This frequently leads to requests to author books, technical articles, Whitepapers and case studies for publication in a variety of venues from books and industry magazines to marketing materials and Web sites.
  • Cross-Participation Program: Some membership levels allow participation in certain activities of our other programs: Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and Digital Twin Consortium.

Business & Marketing Benefits

  • Develop Business Partnerships:
    During OMG meeting weeks, you'll undoubtedly meet other end users, vendors and implementers from your own industry, allowing you to build business relationships and leverage your membership investment.
  • Use OMG’s Marks:
    OMG’s trademarks have become widely recognized symbols of leadership and excellence in the technology field. As an OMG member, you have to opportunity to access and use these marks, at no cost, upon receiving necessary approvals from the OMG Trademark Desk.
  • Receive Discounts on Conference Attendance:
    Many trade shows and conferences offer program discounts of up to 20% for OMG members, and free passes to exhibits. These conferences include Software Development East & West, and a variety of industry specific events.
  • Secure Public Speaking Opportunities:
    The OMG Speakers Bureau matches qualified OMG member speakers with highly visible speaking opportunities. Over 120 OMG members have enrolled in the program, and participants have been placed at over 50 speaking assignments worldwide. Venues have included User Group meetings, UNIX Expo, book signings, Corporate Technology Days, University Lectures, Defense Conferences, OOTS conferences, and industry- specific trade shows.
  • Demonstrate Your Company's OMG-based Technology:
    All OMG member companies have the opportunity to demonstrate their implementations of OMG-based technology at our Technical Meeting weeks, which typically attract 500 or more highly-qualified attendees from both computer industry and end-user companies. 
  • Publicize Your OMG Design Wins:
    The OMG Reference Account Program, accessible via the World Wide Web, brings together organizations looking to implement distributed object solutions with those who have experience building them. Additionally, this provides editorial and press opportunities for your organization with major computer trade and industry publications.
  • Promote Your Commitment to OMG Technology:
    Vendors committed to OMG technology have the opportunity to list their products on a special OMG hosted web page in conjunction with the Reference Account Program.
  • Access The OMG Presentation Library:
    OMG staff provides a series of web accessible presentations for member use to educate about and promote  our organization and all of our technologies - within their organizations, to their customers, even at outside conferences and workshops. Scripted presentations are provided by OMG staff and others from member organizations.