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"Proposed Data Quality Standard: by OMG DQ Working Group”

As the volume of data managed by an organization multiplies, and the level of regulation and scrutiny increases, the quality of the data is becoming a critical success factor in making sound business decisions.

Data Quality has established itself as an important subject area in its own right, with many books, publications, conferences and organizations dedicated to it. A myriad of software tools addressing different aspects, including data profiling, data cleansing, discovery, business rules, metadata management and data modeling have become available. Even for one of these areas, there are very specialized tools so that many tools might need to be deployed to meet the needs of a single organization. What’s missing is the ability to seamlessly interchange information between these different tools in order to minimize effort, information loss and redundancy and allow for further iterations of the process.

Using OMG’s Model Driven Architecture, various Task Forces develop business and technology modeling standards spanning a range of industries. OMG members are also working on the next generation Information Management Metamodel (IMM) standard that will address the interoperability gaps between Object Oriented, Relational, Record and XML representations of Information. Related OMG standards like Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR) and Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) will further enhance the meaning and context of information as well as interoperability across heterogeneous systems.

As the IMM standard develops, additional interest exists in developing a complementary Data Quality Standard that will enable a standard way to represent, manage and interchange information related to the quality of data and its metadata. 

Information & Sponsorship:
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Dr. Peter Aiken, Data Blueprint, VP Communications DAMA International
Dr. Richard Soley, OMG’s CEO and Chairman
Pete Rivett, OMG Architecture Board, CTO, Adaptive Inc.
Dr. Harsh Sharma, Co-Chair, OMG SOA SIG


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