AB Agenda                                     
FTF/RTF reports  ===============  Automated Src. Code Reliability Measure 1.0 FTF report       ptc/15-05-03    Beta 2 specification (clean)                               ptc/15-04-06    Beta 2 specification (with c/b)                            ptc/15-06-04  
Automated Src. Code Security Measure 1.0 FTF report          ptc/15-05-04    Beta 2 specification (clean)                               ptc/15-04-07    Beta 2 specification (with c/b)                            ptc/15-06-03    XMI                                                        ptc/15-05-05    SMM                                                        ptc/15-05-06    Ancillary zip file                                         ptc/15-06-05  
Automated Src. Code Performance Measure 1.0 FTF report       ptc/15-05-07    Beta 2 specification (clean)                               ptc/15-04-08    Beta 2 specification (with c/b)                            ptc/15-06-02  
Automated Src. Code Maintainabilty Measure 1.0 FTF report    ptc/15-05-08    Beta 2 specification (clean)                               ptc/15-04-09    Beta 2 specification (with c/b)                            ptc/15-06-01  
FIGI 1.0 FTF report                                          dtc/15-05-08    Revised specification (clean)                              dtc/15-05-01    Revised specification (change bars)                        dtc/15-05-02    Ancillary VOM file                                         dtc/15-05-03    UML XMI                                                    dtc/15-05-04    ODM XMI                                                    dtc/15-05-05    RDF (zip)                                                  dtc/15-05-06    SVG (zip)                                                  dtc/15-05-07    Ancillary zip file from JIRA                               dtc/15-05-09  
FIBO Indices and Indicators 1.0 FTF report                   dtc/15-05-10    Specification clean                                        dtc/15-05-11    Specification with change bars                             dtc/15-05-12    RDF/XML serialized OWL                                     dtc/15-05-13    ODM XMI (metamodel-based)                                  dtc/15-05-14    UML XML (ODM profile compliant)                            dtc/15-05-15    Ancillary VOM model files                                  dtc/15-05-16    Ancillary ZIP file                                         dtc/15-05-17    SVG files                                                  dtc/15-05-28  
GRA-UML 1.0 FTF report                                       dtc/15-05-18    Beta 2 specification                                       dtc/15-05-19    Profile in UML 2.4.1/XMI 2.4.2                             gov/14-11-03    Annotation Model in UML 2.4.1/XMI 2.4.2                    gov/14-11-04    Intermediate MetaModel in EMOF 2.4.1/XMI 2.4.2             gov/14-11-05    Intermediate XML Schema                                    gov/14-11-06    Intermediate XML Schema for WSDL-specific elements         gov/14-11-07    GRA model to intermediate file QVT transformation          gov/14-11-08    QVT transformation helper                                  gov/14-11-09    Template in UML 2.4.1/XMI 2.4.2                            gov/14-11-10    Standard Template for Phase-2 processing                   gov/14-11-11    GRA-UML Examples in MagicDraw Format                       gov/14-11-12    MagicDraw Source Files                                     gov/14-11-13  
Essence 1.1 RTF report                                       ptc/15-05-10    Beta 2 specification (clean)                               ptc/15-05-11    Beta 2 specification (with c/b)                            ptc/15-05-12    XMI file                                                   ptc/15-05-13    MagicDraw Metamodel File (ancillary)                       ptc/15-05-14  
RoIS 1.1 RTF report                                          dtc/15-05-20    Specification clean                                        dtc/15-05-21    Specification with change bars                             dtc/15-05-22    C++ PSM header file                                        dtc/15-05-23    CORBA PSM IDL file                                         dtc/15-05-24    XML PSM component profile                                  dtc/15-05-25    XML PSM schema of component profile                        dtc/15-05-26    XMI file                                                   dtc/15-05-27    
Submissions  ===========  Ontology, Model & Spec. Integration & Interop. Submission    ad/15-05-03    library-model.xmi                                          ad/15-05-05    network-model.xmi                                          ad/15-05-06    oms-model.xmi                                              ad/15-05-07    oms-definition-model.xmi                                   ad/15-05-08    oms-mapping-model.xmi                                      ad/15-05-09    queries-model.xmi                                          ad/15-05-10    iris-model.xmi                                             ad/15-05-11    prefixes-model.xmi                                         ad/15-05-12    RDF vocabulary for Logics and OMS Languages                ad/15-05-14    Inventory                                                  ad/15-05-04  
Archetype Modeling Language (AML) Submission                 health/15-04-01    Terminology Profile XMI file                               health/15-04-02    ReferenceModelProfile.xmi                                  health/15-04-03    ConstraintProfile.xmi                                      health/15-04-04    AMLGlobals.qvto                                            health/15-04-05    AMLplatformBinding.qvto                                    health/15-04-06    adl2uml.qvto                                               health/15-04-07    uml2adl.qvto                                               health/15-04-08    Profiles, Reference Models, Samples (Magic Draw)           health/15-04-09    SpecificationDocument.mdzip                                health/15-04-10    Eclipse Implementation AOM Schemas and Meta-model          health/15-05-01    Inventory                                                  health/15-05-02  
Hardware Abstraction Layer for Robotic Tech. Submission      robotics/15-05-01    Inventory                                                  robotics/15-05-02  
IDL4.0 RFC (2nd Rdg)                                         mars/15-04-01    Cover Letter                                               mars/15-01-04    Inventory                                                  mars/15-04-02    IDL4.0 2nd Reading document with change bars               mars/15-04-04    Diff between 1st and 2nd reading versions                  mars/15-04-03  
Other Motions  =============  To dissolve the Architecture Ecosystem AB SIG  To adopt Specification URI & Namespace version policy        smsc/15-03-06  To adopt revised RFP template                                ab/15-05-01  To charter the Research & Analysis AB SIG                    ab/15-05-03    
Subgroup Reports  ================  Architecture Ecosystem AB SIG                         IPR SC  Business Architecture AB SIG                          Liaison SC  Specification Management SC                           Model Interchange AB SIG  Object & Reference Model SC